YoWorld in 3D 1

An example of the very first image released for this project, depicting a classical YoWorld apartment from the game's earliest years.

YoWorld in 3D is a project originally started by YoWorlder 1WTC (131380246), on Thursday, September 1, 2016. The project aimed to create and render images of how YoWorld would look like if it were in a three dimensional plane, showing items and places in different angles or in ways that currently aren't possible. Originally, the project started with rendering three-dimensional imagery of original/classical YoWorld (YoVille) assets.

The first ever released for the project consisted of what some would consider a moderately furnished apartment living room from the game's earlier years. The artist behind it, 1WTC (131380246), stated that it took them approximately "over an hour to create and a further 20 min to render." Certain items or assets, also had to be enhanced to make this work, such as designs on rugs and paintings, since they were of very low quality within the game itself due to their early nature.

Gallery: Locations

Below there is available a gallery containing settings created by 1WTC (131380246).

Gallery: Items

Below there is a gallery containing images of specific items that were made into 3D items. Credit goes to 1WTC (131380246).

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