YoWorld Desktop

The YoWorld Desktop App was a separate medium through which to play YoWorld first introduced on July 9, 2018. The app enabled users to access the game directly from their desktop. It came as a response the announcement that various web browsers would be ending their support for flash. The app gave users an easier way to access the game without having to go through the hassle of enabling flash every time they wanted to play the game.

The use of the app by Big Viking Games should be temporary while they prepare for the games massive transition to HTML5 by 2020.


Using the desktop app is very simple. After downloading the app, the icon for it should appear on the desktop screen. By clicking on it, it may ask the user to log into their Facebook account to proceed. Then it will take the user to the very same loading page where the game is usually played on Facebook, from the comfort of YoWorld's own browser.

Daily Login Rewards

YoDesktop Rewards

To entice players to download and start using the new app for YoWorld, the developers offered players a new daily login reward, which offered users free items, YoCoins, even YoCash.

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