The YoDepot is as store where players can purchase home items for their YoWorld homes using YoCoins or YoCash. Most of these items are flooring, wallpapers, floor and wall tiles, fences, windows and doors. The non player character employed at this store is named LeGgItJaSsY.

Certain staple items, spared from being removed from store along with their respective themes, are moved here so players can keep purchasing them after the themes are removed from the Furniture Store.

YoDepot is your local hardware store, filled with goodies like windows, doors and tiles. WE HAVE SO MANY TILES IN HERE IT'S CRAZY.

–Game description of the YoDepot

Construction Site

The YoDepot hasn't been part of the game since the start. In fact, before the YoDepot building, there was a construction site on the map that said 'Coming Soon...'. The construction site was also part of the original concept artwork of the map.

The YoDepot was added a few months after the launch of the game, somewhere in October 2008.


Below is a list of themes and categories in the YoDepot shown as how they appear in the game.

Category Name Items Theme Theme Code
Provincial Town 6 Provincial Town PT2018
Mount YOlympus 9 Mount YOlympus MY2018
YoWorld 10th Anniversary 6 YoWorld 10th Anniversary AV2018
Boardwalk Casino 9 Boardwalk Casino BC2018
Arabian Nights 10 Arabian Nights AN2018
Quaint Countryside 7 Quaint Countryside ER2018
St Patricks Day 7 St. Patrick's Day 2018 SP2018
Springtime San Francisco 7 Springtime San Francisco SF2018
Hidden Treasures 4 Hidden Treasures HT2018
Big Food World 7 Big Food World FW2018
Deep in the Jungle 10 Deep in the Jungle DJ2018
New years 7 New Years 2017 NY2017
Ice Village 5 Ice Village IV2017 XM2017
Holiday Train 7 Holiday Train XT2017 XM2017
Toy Tower 9 Toy Tower TT2017 XM2017
Rustic Fall 6 Rustic Fall TF2017
Salem Sorcery 8 Salem Sorcery SS2017 HW2017
Possessed Park 4 Possessed Park PP2017 HW2017
Monster Reunion 6 Monster Reunion MR2017 HW2017
Retired Theme Decor 387 Various Themes -
Culinary Creations 8 Culinary Creations CU2017
YoDale High 4 YoDale High YH2017
Tiles 61 Various Themes -
Floor Tiles 137 Various Themes -
Wall Tiles 124 Various Themes -
Doors, Stairs & Teleports 18 Various Themes -
Christmas 2016 21 Various Christmas 2016 Themes XM2016
YoFashion Show 12 YoFashion Show YF2015 & DC2015
Farm Frenzy 13 Farm Frenzy FF2015
Spring 2015 39 Spring 2015 ST2015
Easter 2015 11 Easter 2015 ER2015
Previously Unreleased 6 Previously Unreleased -
Indoor and Outdoor Flooring 401 Various Themes -
Wall Coverings and Siding 352 Various Themes -
Windows 26 Various Themes -
Yard and Garden 122 Various Themes -
Kitchen Appliances and Cabinets 46 Various Themes -
Kitchen Cabinets 25 Various Themes -
Bathroom 88 Various Themes -
Pool Accessories 19 Various Themes -
Enchanted Lands 17 Enchanted Lands -



  • The sign above the entrance has a spelling error that has been there since the opening of the store. It spells 'guranteed' instead of 'guaranteed'. This is most likely a typo.
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