Vinny Sky is one of the most well known non-player characters within YoWorld. He is the owner, and perhaps the founder, of Vinny's Diner in YoWorld. The diner is one of the oldest places in YoWorld to visit.

Currently, Vinny is the only worker ever seen in the diner. It is unknown if anyone else works with or for him, or if he handles everything on his own.

Through YoWorld's history, Vinny has also been seen working in other places around the map, such as the old Sky Nightclub or the Coffee Shop. Now he is no longer seen there.

According to some players' make-belief, Vinny sold or quit the nightclub after being tired of working in multiple places without little to no help, and just stuck to his diner. The nightclub was then purchased by a presumably more wealthy individual or organization, who remodeled it and made the place more glamorous. He also gave up his position at the Coffee Shop.


Vinny's is typically always busy, and often easily distracted. When YoWorlders visit the diner, he often recommends that players should go get some friends to talk to, instead of talking to him. He also likes to hint, and even directly state at times, that the YoWorlder should go get more neighbors. This gives off the idea that Vinny is too busy to ever make friends with anyone, and is normally too distracted to really pay any attention to any conversations his customers may try to start with him.

This was further supported by the fact that in the Coffee Shop, Vinny often expressed how he has no friends to visit, and that he's very busy.


Vinny in Club

Vinny at the old Sky Nightclub

  • "You should try chatting with friends instead of me."
  • "Sorry! I can't be your neighbor!"
  • "I you need something to do, go invite more neighbors!"
  • "I wish I had some friends to visit and make coins."
  • "Sorry, I'm extremely busy right now."
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