Vinny's Diner is a location on the YoWorld map where players can meet. Besides socializing, the location has no other use in the game. The non player character employed at this diner is called Vinny Sky (a.k.a. Vinny) and is also the owner of the place.

The exterior was slightly restyled on July 24, 2014.

Grab a seat at Vinny's Diner, the hottest retro bistro in YoWorld.

–Game description of Vinny's Diner

Old Function

From 2008 to 2010, Vinny's Diner used to be the main place to buy food items in order to gain energy. This energy was necessary to perform actions. As of today, energy is no longer needed to do actions.

The following items were sold at Vinny's:

  • Apple (2 energy): YoCoin Symbol 1
  • Sandwich (6 energy): YoCoin Symbol 5
  • Soda (3 energy): YoCoin Symbol 2
  • Ice Cream (3 energy): YoCoin Symbol 3
  • Hot Dog (4 energy): YoCoin Symbol 3
  • Pizza (5 energy): YoCoin Symbol 4

Now Vinny's Diner no longer sells items, clicking on Vinny only makes him say certain phrases.

Exclusive Concept Art

Below is an original design of the interior of Vinny's Diner, back before the game's release. This design was never used. The image is courtesy of Big Viking Games and dated January 20, 2008.



  • Vinny's Diner was named after the artist Vince Chui who drew the scene.
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