• Hugh G. Reaction

    YoFans, all aboard!

    An Atlantic Voyage is en-route to YoWorld and is to dock very soon! Pack your bags and get ready to set sail as you travel the high seas on the journey of a lifetime!

    In celebration of the upcoming theme, enjoy this sneak preview of some of the amazing items you can expect to see in-game very soon:

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments, are you looking forward to this upcoming theme?

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  • Hugh G. Reaction

    Staff Accounts

    November 8, 2013 by Hugh G. Reaction

    Hi, everyone!

    To avoid abuse I have made two accounts Omniscientwolf and Amaranth these accounts are not real people and were only made so people couldn't make an account saying that they're the forum staff.

    - Hugh G. Reaction

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  • Hugh G. Reaction

    Hey, everyone.

    There's been an update, check it out here.

    HGR, YoVille Wiki Senior Administrator

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  • Hugh G. Reaction

    Hi, everyone.

    I have noticed many users on here are getting confused by stuff that is happening and if it's breaking a rule, unfortunately because the administrators are always very busy we don't always give important updates but heres the rules that aren't listed.

    1. Was your blog deleted?

    A) No. Blogs are NEVER deleted unless they break a rule and if you feel it was removed by mistake please contact any staff but don't contact forum staff as they're rarely active. Please note that if your blog was moved it may appear as if it was deleted rest assured that it will appear as a whatever it was moved to in approximately an hour.

    2. Abusive Staff?

    A) All staff here is selected by the head administrators and we never fail to see the behavior of all useā€¦
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  • Hugh G. Reaction

    Hello, everyone.

    As of today omniscientwolf will be leaving us as he has been replaced with the "test account", Amaranth. omniscientwolf was a forum developer who made a very few post but he was very helpful and tried his best.

    His message will be posted here.

    Farewell, omniscientwolf. We'll miss you!

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