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  • Anthony Hiram

    Hello guys, as many of you might already know there is a section of the wiki called Yovilles Urban Legends! An i have  just received word from my buddy Jack that people are loving that section, and so i took another look at it and it turns out that the category does have great potential! So i have decided to hit the web and look for more legends to add to the category and expand it! I will also be using all of the information that i know! I have lots of knowledge on this topic and great stories, now i will be making them into pages!

    I hop that you guys can take the time and currently take a look at the ones that are already there and give me feed-back and some suggestions on how to make the section better!

    And wile you at it please make sure…

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  • Anthony Hiram

    Hello guys i am Anthony Hiram, just call me Anthony Hiram! I am the founder and editor for all of the types of yoville players pages (Jack made the official Category page), i will be updating these pages all of the time, please take time to read them and add photos if you like, edits are always welcome as long as they are appropriate, and correct. 

    Simple, these pages are made so that you know what kind of people to expect as you play Yoville. They can help you identify them and learn how to avoid trouble makers, they can also help you learn how to make new friends in the world of Yoville!

    I am a very open minded person so feel free to contact me via message if you think that there is a type of yoville player that i missed. Any suggestions o…

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