aka FriDaYo

  • I live in 916 Alton Drive, Apt. 2008, YoWorld USA
  • My occupation is Happy Millionaire
  • I am Female

FriDa YoW

Back in 2008 I came across YoVille and discovered that several of my close friends were playing so I joined on 9/16/08. I admit that it took me a while to get the hang of it. Yo became a part of my real life and the friends I have made around the world is incredible. Some of these friends I have met in person and the bond we share is awesome, so I ended up packing my bags and moving into YoWorld. I have over 400 friends, no clones or ghosts, all genuine and over 700 followers with whom I share my YoDesigns and creations. I have kept and archive of folders since 2008 with pictures of all my over 100 houses and avenues. Nothing last forever, I'm a realist, but those pictures will be my memories of the best fun I have ever had in a game!

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