• Hugh G. Reaction
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    13:00, July 4, 2015

    1.Wishingwell fountain (for decor)

    2.A  Catwalk( to add on the map) where game players can show their style for fun/also help others get idea's if  they need help with  picking out what to wear.

    3.A new Restaurant in game something like a  new improved Cafe(or just redo the Diner in game & or just add a few new things.

    4.Add a couple new things to the beach to make it a more funner hangout to be at with friends.

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    • Hello Kea, I will see what I can do. We, however, don't really work for Big Viking Games, and therefore will not always be able to channel ideas to them.

      But thank you for using the YoWorld WIkia and have a great day! :)

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