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    01:37, January 15, 2015

    Good Morning,  

    I have so many gifts that are repeats unpon repeats,  could YoWorld add a feature that we can sell some of the many duplicates we have , from the treasure chests, etc.    This would also help to free up space in my stuff. 

    I am really liking the feature of the earning coins , it has been a tremendous help, as before it took so long to build up cash to be able to buy the items for our houses.

    Also when I visit neighbors, there are so many cute previous items they have ,  it would be nice when holidays etc come around that these older previous items were made available again for purchase .   Also more beds, couches etc for cash instead of dollars.  

    Thank you  for your taking the time to read 


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    • Hello Redrosedenise,

      The YoWorld Wikia is not related to Big Viking Games, and therefore we cannot send your suggested to the YoWorld Team from here. But the Wikia serves as an informational source about the game, YoWorld.

      So to answer a few of your questions, BVG has stated before that they are not looking to release any previously unreleased virtual goods, you can ask them this yourself as well, if you want any assurance. If you see any items you like, you can look for a way to purchase them from other players.

      Also, if you want to get rid of repeated freebies, you can try selling them if you make a few events, however, there are selected freebies that cannot be traded. You can also delete them from your inventory. 

      As for your other suggestions, and feedback, you can contact Big Viking Games through the 'Help' tab when you are playing the game.

      Have a great evening, and thank you for using the YoWorld Wiki!

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