Themes are the basic templates that fashion and furniture lines in YoWorld are based on or modeled after. The first theme releases weren't made until July 2008, approximately two months after the game's initial unveiling on May 8, 2008. Currently, over three hundred themes have been released within the game over the course of its history.

Themes are released on a regular basis, and feature clothing items, furniture, pets, houses, and various other assets for players to purchase and enjoy using YoCoins and YoCash. Themes also leave stores from time to time to make room for new themes. Themes can be based on holidays, movies, lifestyles, slice-of-life, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

Theme Types

Theme Type Description
Regular Theme Typically, these are normal-length themes that last about two weeks, that aren't associated with holidays, special events, or seasons of the year.
Holiday Theme Any theme associated with a holiday, theme lengths vary.
Special Theme Themes that are released in observation of special events, such as sporting events, like the Super Bowl, televised events, like the MTV Music Awards, the Oscars, the Grammys, etc. Theme lengths vary.
Seasonal Theme Any theme associated with the seasons of the year, this may include fall, spring, winter, and summer based themes.
Mini-Theme Usually a small theme that can be released as a sub-theme to a larger theme or as a small theme on its own. They can span from 1 day to 1 week, and the number of items can vary, and be as little as just a few items.

All Themes

Below, you can find a list of every theme that has been made available in-stores, sorted by release date. This means, that gem event themes are not included on this list. You can sort the tables and click on the theme to learn more about it. There are also tabs to view the list of themes under that respective year.

For themes of 2014 and later, you can also type the theme code to find the respective theme.

There were five (5) different themes when the game first began on May 8, 2008. All of them only consisted of furniture items.

Theme Status Extra Info
Beach In Stores Furniture only
Girly Girl In Stores Furniture only
Gothic In Stores Furniture only
Mother Earth In Stores Furniture only
Safari In Stores Furniture only

There were a total of twenty-two (22) themes released in the year of 2008.

Theme Status Type Extra Info
Egyptian Discontinued Regular Furniture only
Medieval Discontinued Regular Furniture only
Zen Discontinued Regular Furniture only
Cabin Discontinued Regular Furniture only
70s In Stores Regular Furniture discontinued
Trailer In Stores Regular
Aviso In Stores Regular Clothing only
Brillant In Stores Regular Clothing only
Encanto In Stores Regular Clothing only
Jogo In Stores Regular Clothing only
Nerv In Stores Regular Clothing only
Rabauke In Stores Regular Clothing only
Rowdy In Stores Regular Clothing only
Rust In Stores Regular Clothing only
Velho In Stores Regular Clothing only
Halloween 2008 Discontinued Holiday
Fall 2008 Discontinued Seasonal Furniture only
Thanksgiving 2008 Discontinued Holiday
Suburban Discontinued Regular Furniture only
Winter 2008 Discontinued Seasonal Furniture only
Christmas 2008 Discontinued Holiday
New Years 2009 Discontinued Holiday Furniture only

2008 statistics:

  • 16 Regular Themes
  • 4 Holiday Themes
  • 2 Seasonal Themes
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There were a total of twenty-four (24) themes released in the year of 2009.

Theme Status Type Extra Info
Wedding In Stores Regular Clothing only
Mission In Stores Regular Furniture only
Tiki In Stores Regular Furniture only
Velvet Lounge In Stores Regular Furniture only
Shaker In Stores Regular Furniture only
Patio In Stores Regular Furniture only
Valentine's Day 2009 Discontinued Holiday
Pennsylvania Dutch In Stores Regular Furniture only
Arabesque In Stores Regular Furniture only
Louis XIV In Stores Regular Furniture only
St. Patrick's Day 2009 Discontinued Holiday
Spring 2009 Discontinued Seasonal Furniture only
Easter 2009 Discontinued Holiday
Taku In Stores Regular Furniture only
Modern In Stores Regular Furniture only
Sports In Stores Regular Clothing only
4th of July & Picnic Discontinued Holiday
Police vs Mafia Discontinued Regular
MTV Discontinued Special
Halloween 2009 Discontinued Holiday
Thanksgiving 2009 Discontinued Holiday
50s Discontinued Regular
Christmas 2009 Discontinued Holiday
New Years 2010 Discontinued Holiday

2009 statistics:

  • 14 Regular Themes
  • 8 Holiday Themes
  • 1 Special Theme
  • 1 Seasonal Themes
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There were a total of thirty-three (33) themes released in the year of 2010.

Theme Status Type Extra Info
Beach Discontinued Regular
Snow Games Discontinued Special
Lovers vs Heartbreakers Discontinued Holiday
Chinese New Year 2010 Discontinued Holiday Furniture only
Whimsical Discontinued Regular
St. Patrick's Day 2010 Discontinued Holiday
Easter 2010 Discontinued Holiday
Enchanted Lands Discontinued Regular
Yacht Discontinued Regular
Cinco de Mayo 2010 Discontinued Holiday Furniture only
VIP Theme Discontinued Special 1 day theme
Victorian Discontinued Special 1 day theme
Super Saturday Discontinued Special 1 day theme
Luxury In Stores Regular
Hollywood Discontinued Regular
YoMart In Stores Special
World Soccer 2010 Discontinued Special
Pool Party In Stores Seasonal Clothing labeled
as 'Summer 2010'
4th of July 2010 Discontinued Holiday
Moroccan Discontinued Regular
Camp YoVille In Stores Regular
New Romantic Discontinued Regular
Hotel Chic Discontinued Holiday
English Cottage In Stores Regular
Music Wars Discontinued Special Clothing only
Halloween 2010 Discontinued Holiday
Fall 2010 Discontinued Seasonal
Thanksgiving 2010 Discontinued Holiday
Winter 2010 Discontinued Seasonal Clothing still in store
SweetsVille Discontinued Holiday
Christmas 2010 Discontinued Holiday
Nightclub In Stores Regular
New Years 2011 Discontinued Holiday

2010 statistics:

  • 11 Regular Themes
  • 12 Holiday Themes
  • 7 Special Themes
  • 3 Seasonal Themes
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There were a total of thirty-eight (38) themes released in the year of 2011.

Theme Status Type Extra Info
Italian In Stores Regular
Valentine's Day 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Chinese New Year 2011 Discontinued Holiday Furniture only
Paris Discontinued Regular
Mardi Gras 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Japan Discontinued Regular
Elite Discontinued Special
St. Patrick's Day 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Hawaii Discontinued Regular
Easter 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Las Vegas Discontinued Regular
Royal Wedding Discontinued Special Clothing only
Anniversary 2011 Discontinued Special
Legends Discontinued Regular
Memorial Weekend 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Rainforest Discontinued Regular
Groovy Discontinued Mini
Independence Day 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Space Discontinued Regular
Underwater Discontinued Regular
NYC Discontinued Regular
YoVille Music Awards Discontinued Special
Labor Day 2011 Discontinued Holiday Furniture only
Fashion Studio In Stores Regular
High School Discontinued Regular
Police vs Mafia II Discontinued Regular
Oktoberfest 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Spellbound Discontinued Holiday
Columbus Day 2011 In Stores Holiday Furniture only
Halloween 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Spanish In Stores Regular
Thanksgiving 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Disco In Stores Regular
Funfair Discontinued Mini Theme
Nutcracker Discontinued Holiday
Christmas 2011 Discontinued Holiday
Ninja Fashion Discontinued Mini
New Years 2012 Discontinued Holiday

2011 statistics:

  • 15 Regular Themes
  • 16 Holiday Themes
  • 4 Special Themes
  • 3 Mini Themes
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There were a total of thirty-seven (37) themes released in the year of 2012.

Theme Status Type Extra Info
Wild West Discontinued Regular
Beauty vs Geek Discontinued Holiday
Southern Romance Discontinued Holiday
City of Love Discontinued Holiday
Carnival 2012 Discontinued Holiday
Miami Discontinued Regular
Yoscars 2012 Discontinued Special
Heroes Discontinued Regular
St Patricks 2012 In Stores Holiday
Burlesque Discontinued Mini
Yorient Express Discontinued Regular
Easter 2012 In Stores Holiday
Airport In Stores Mini
Animal Reserve Discontinued Regular
San Francisco Discontinued Special
Zynga Tribute Discontinued Special
Pixies Borough Discontinued Regular
Memorial Day 2012 Discontinued Holiday
United Kingdom In Stores Regular
YoSurvivor Games Discontinued Mini
Independence Day 2012 Discontinued Holiday
Monaco Discontinued Regular
YoGames Discontinued Special
Medieval Fantasy Discontinued Regular
Emerald City Discontinued Mini
Beverly Hills Discontinued Regular
Casablanca Discontinued Mini
Australia Discontinued Regular
Spies vs Supervillains Discontinued Mini
Steampunk Discontinued Regular
Halloween 2012 Discontinued Holiday
CocoaVille Discontinued Regular
Thanksgiving 2012 Discontinued Holiday
YoAir Discontinued Mini
SnowVille Discontinued Holiday
New Year's Eve 2013 Discontinued Holiday
Playhouse Discontinued Mini

2012 statistics:

  • 13 Regular Themes
  • 12 Holiday Themes
  • 4 Special Themes
  • 8 Mini Themes
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There were a total of thirty (30) themes released in the year of 2013.

Theme Status Type Extra Info
Desert Island In Stores Regular
Flapper Discontinued Holiday
Valentine's Day 2013 Discontinued Holiday
Yo Bistro (Restaurant Week) In Stores Mini
Royal India Discontinued Regular
Good vs Evil Discontinued Mini
St. Patrick's Day 2013 Discontinued Holiday
Alice In Wonderland Discontinued Regular
Easter 2013 Discontinued Holiday
Ancient Rome Discontinued Regular
Miniature Park Discontinued Mini
Enchanting China Discontinued Regular
Broadway Musical Discontinued Special
Exotic African Wedding Discontinued Mini
SinCity In Stores Mini
White House Discontinued Holiday
Mississippi Steamboat Cruise Discontinued Mini
Canadian Holiday Discontinued Regular
Golden Egypt Discontinued Regular
Fourth of July 2013 Discontinued Holiday
Inside A Beehive In Stores Mini
Kentucky Races In Stores Mini
Fairytale Fantasy Discontinued Regular
Russian Circus In Stores Regular
The Three Musketeers In Stores Mini
Vikings In Stores Mini
Veterans Day 2013 In Stores Holiday
Movember 2013 Discontinued Special
Thanksgiving 2013 Discontinued Holiday
Holiday Special 2013 Discontinued Holiday

2013 statistics:

  • 9 Regular Themes
  • 9 Holiday Themes
  • 2 Special Themes
  • 10 Mini Themes
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There were a total of twenty (20) themes released the year of 2014.

Theme Status Type Code
Caribbean In Stores Mini -
Valentine 2014 In Stores Holiday -
Canada Day 2014 In Stores Holiday Canada Day 2014
Fourth of July 2014 In Stores Holiday FoJ2014
Snow Princess Discontinued Mini SP2014
Cool New Random Stuff In Stores Mini -
Summer Fashion In Stores Seasonal SF2014
Royal Throne In Stores Regular RT2014
Modern Furniture In Stores Mini -
Steampunk 2014 In Stores Regular SP2014
Zombie Survival Discontinued Holiday ZS2014
Costume Party Discontinued Holiday CP2014
Halloween 2014 Discontinued Holiday HW2014
Funky Hairstyles Discontinued Mini FH2014
Thanksgiving 2014 Discontinued Holiday TF2014
Black Friday 2014 Discontinued Special BF2014
Cyber Monday 2014 Discontinued Special CYM2014
Holidays 2014 Discontinued Holiday XM2014
New Years 2014 Discontinued Holiday NY2014
Previously Unreleased Discontinued Special -

2014 statistics:

  • 2 Regular Themes
  • 9 Holiday Themes
  • 3 Special Themes
  • 1 Seasonal Theme
  • 5 Mini Themes
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There were a total of forty-four (44) themes released in the year of 2015.

Theme Status Type Code
Winter Vacation Discontinued Seasonal WV2015
Tropical Getaway In Stores Regular TG2015
Valentine's Day 2015 Discontinued Holiday XO2015
YoBowl Discontinued Special YB2015
Yammy Awards Discontinued Special YA2015
Chinese New Year 2015 Discontinued Holiday CY2015
The Yoscars 2015 Discontinued Special YO2015
YoCake Bakery In Stores Regular CB2015
Spring 2015 In Stores Seasonal ST2015
St. Patrick's Day 2015 Discontinued Holiday SP2015
Easter 2015 Discontinued Holiday ER2015
April Fools 2015 Discontinued Special AF2015
Cabaret 2015 In Stores Regular CA2015
Farm Frenzy In Stores Regular FF2015
Earth Day 2015 Discontinued Special ED2015
Cinco De Mayo 2015 Discontinued Holiday CM2015
Anniversary 2015 Discontinued Special AV2015
YoFashion Show In Stores Special YF2015
YoWorld Yard Sale Discontinued Special Various:
Professions 2015 In Stores Regular PS2015
Medieval Fantasy 2015 In Stores Regular MF2015
Canada Day 2015 Discontinued Holiday CD2015
Fourth of July 2015 Discontinued Holiday FJ2015
Steampunk 2015 In Stores Regular SK2015
Contemporary Summer In Stores Seasonal CS2015
25th Podcast Release Discontinued Special PC2015
Fairytales 2015 In Stores Regular FT2015
Back to School 2015 Discontinued Special BS2015
Dinosaur Park In Stores Regular DP2015
Atramentous Asylum Discontinued Holiday HW2015
Oktoberfest 2015 Discontinued Holiday OF2015
Black Friday 2015 Discontinued Special BF2015
Cyber Monday 2015 Discontinued Special CYM2015
Twisted Treehouse Discontinued Holiday HW2015
Creepy Carnival Discontinued Holiday HW2015
Haunted Manor Discontinued Holiday HW2015
Back to the Past to the Future Discontinued Special BTF2015
Thanksgiving & Fall 2015 Discontinued Seasonal TF2015
Ice Kingdom Discontinued Holiday XM2015
YoSurvivor 2015 Discontinued Mini YS2015
A Tale of Christmas Discontinued Holiday XM2015
North Pole Christmas Discontinued Holiday XM2015
Christmas Contest Discontinued Holiday CC2015
Space Wars Discontinued Special SW2015

2015 statistics:

  • 9 Regular Themes
  • 16 Holiday Themes
  • 14 Special Themes
  • 4 Seasonal Themes
  • 1 Mini Theme
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There were a total of fifty-three (53) themes released in 2016.

Theme Status Type Code
Year End Yard Sale Discontinued Special YS2016
Totally Eighties In Stores Mini TE2016
Valentine's 2016 Discontinued Holiday XO2016
Groundhog Day 2016 Discontinued Special GD2016
Chinese New Year 2016 Discontinued Holiday CNY2016
Presidents Day 2016 Discontinued Holiday PD2016
Australia Day 2016 In Stores Holiday AD2016
Mardi Gras 2016 Discontinued Holiday MG2016
Continental Cruise In Stores Regular CC2016
The Yoscars 2016 In Stores Special YO2016
Celtic Fantasy Discontinued Holiday CF2016
St. Patrick's Day 2016 Discontinued Holiday SP2016
Easter 2016 Discontinued Holiday ES2016
April Fools 2016 Discontinued Special AF2016
Honey I Shrunk The Yo! In Stores Regular SY2016
Spring Fling 2016 In Stores Seasonal ST2016
1920s Parisian Spring In Stores Regular PS2016
Earth Day 2016 In Stores Special ED2016
Viking Anniversary 2016 Discontinued Special AV2016
Boardwalk Birthday Discontinued Special AV2016
Space Odyssey Discontinued Regular SO2016
Memorial Day 2016 Discontinued Holiday MD2016
Retro Sci-Fi
(It Came from YOuter Space)
Discontinued Mini SO2016
Japanese Getaway In Stores Regular JG2016
Undersea Adventure In Stores Regular UA2016
Father's Day 2016 In Stores Special FD2016
Summer Solstice Discontinued Special SS2016
Roadtrip 2016 In Stores Regular RT2016
Canada Day 2016 Discontinued Holiday CD2016
Fourth Of July 2016 Discontinued Holiday FJ2016
UK Fashion 2016 In Stores Regular UK2016
Pocket Pals Discontinued Special PP2016
VIP Celebration Discontinued Special VPC2016
Christmas in July Discontinued Mini XJ2016
Amusement Park In Stores Regular AP2016
50th Podcast Release Discontinued Special PC2016
YoUniversity In Stores Regular YU2016
Summer End Yard Sale Discontinued Mini YS2016
Screaming Suburbia Discontinued Holiday HW2016
Starter Fashion (Untradable) In Stores Special NPB2016
Haunted Hotel Discontinued Holiday HW2016
Mad Mutations Discontinued Holiday HW2016
Halloween Design Contest 2016 Discontinued Holiday DC2016
Autumn Harvest Discontinued Seasonal TF2016
Black Friday 2016 Discontinued Special BF2016
Cyber Monday 2016 Discontinued Special CYM2016
Santa's Workshop Discontinued Holiday XM2016
Holiday Horror Discontinued Holiday XM2016
Country Christmas Discontinued Holiday XM2016
Christmas Design Contest 2016 Discontinued Holiday XM2016
Nativity Christmas Discontinued Holiday XM2016
Hanukkah 2016 Discontinued Holiday XM2016
Rockin' New Year Discontinued Holiday NY2016

2016 statistics:

  • 10 Regular Themes
  • 22 Holiday Themes
  • 15 Special Themes
  • 2 Seasonal Themes
  • 4 Mini Themes
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There were a total of fourty-one (41) themes released in 2017.

Theme Status Type Code
Winter Carnival Discontinued Seasonal WC2017
Ancient Egypt In Stores Regular AE2017
Chinese New Year 2017 In Stores Holiday CNY2017
Superb Owl Sunday Discontinued Special SB2017
Valentine's 2017 In Stores Holiday XO2017
Mardi Gras 2017 In Stores Holiday MG2017
Secret Garden In Stores Seasonal SG2017
Yoscars 2017 In Stores Special YO2017
St. Patrick's Day 2017 In Stores Holiday SP2017
April Fools 2017 Discontinued Special AF2017
Spring Wedding In Stores Regular SW2017
Easter 2017 In Stores Holiday ER2017
Tuscan Winery In Stores Regular TW2017
Earth Day 2017 Discontinued Special ED2017
Mexican Fiesta In Stores Holiday MF2017
YoWorld Anniversary 2017 In Stores Special AV2017
Mother's Week In Stores Special MW2017
Deep Space Dystopia In Stores Regular SD2017
Memorial Day 2017 In Stores Holiday MD2017
Safari Expedition In Stores Regular SE2017
Father's Day 2017 Discontinued Special FD2017
Pirate Adventure In Stores Regular PA2017
Canadian Camping Trip In Stores Holiday CT2017
Fourth of July 2017 Discontinued Holiday FJ2017
New York 1940s In Stores Regular NF2017
Cape Cod Summer Escape In Stores Regular CC2017
Yostock 2017 In Stores Mini YS2017
Summer Fun 2017 In Stores Seasonal SF2017
YoDale High In Stores Regular YH2017
Culinary Creations In Stores Regular CU2017
Monster Reunion In Stores Holiday MR2017 HW2017
Friday The 13th In Stores Holiday PP2017 HW2017
Possessed Park In Stores Holiday PP2017 HW2017
Salem Sorcery In Stores Holiday SS2017 HW2017
Halloween Design Contest 2017 In Stores Holiday DC2017 HW2017
Rustic Fall In Stores Seasonal TF2017
Black Friday 2017 Discontinued Special BF2017
Toy Tower In Stores Holiday TT2017 XM2017
Holiday Train In Stores Holiday XT2017 XM2017
Ice Village In Stores Holiday IV2017 XM2017
New Years 2017 In Stores Holiday NY2017

2017 statistics:

  • 10 Regular Themes
  • 18 Holiday Themes
  • 8 Special Themes
  • 4 Seasonal Themes
  • 1 Mini Theme
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There were a total of twenty-nine (29) themes released in 2017.

Theme Status Type Code
Deep in the Jungle In Stores Regular DJ2018
Big Food World In Stores Regular FW2018
Fifty Shades of Yo Discontinued Holiday XO2018
Hidden Treasures In Stores Regular HT2018
Springtime San Francisco In Stores Regular SF2018
St. Patrick's Day 2018 In Stores Holiday SP2018
Quaint Countryside In Stores Holiday ER2018
Arabian Nights In Stores Regular AN2018
Boardwalk Casino In Stores Regular BC2018
YoWorld 10th Anniversary In Stores Special AV2018
Mount YOlympus In Stores Regular MY2018
Provincial Town In Stores Regular PT2018
Western Frontier In Stores Regular WF2018
Mediterranean Getaway In Stores Regular MG2018
Magic Academy In Stores Regular MA2018
YoValley Estates In Stores Regular YE2018
Atlantic Voyage In Stores Regular AV2018
Japanese Journey In Stores Regular RJ2018, JJ2018
Fairytale Storybook In Stores Regular FS2018
YoValley Zoo In Stores Regular YZ2018
Eighties Miami In Stores Regular EM2018
Lost City of Atlantis In Stores Regular LA2018
HI2018 Items Discontinued Special HI2018
Castle Dracula In Stores Holiday CD2018
Trick or Treat In Stores Holiday TT2018
Fall on the Farm In Stores Seasonal TF2018
Victorian Christmas In Stores Holiday VC2018
Family Christmas In Stores Holiday FC2018
Downtown Countdown In Stores Holiday NY2018

Theme Status Type Code
Medieval Mastery In Stores Regular MM2019
Carefree Fifties In Stores Regular CF2019
Romantic Getaway In Stores Holiday XO2019
Australian Adventure In Stores Regular AU2019
Tiny Home Living In Stores Regular TH2019
Leprechaun Forest In Stores Holiday SP2019
Icelandic Escape In Stores Regular IE2019
Super Stickerbook In Stores Mini Theme AF2019
Paranormal Investigation In Stores Mini Theme PI2019
Community Garden In Stores In Stores ER2019
Relaxation Retreat In Stores In Stores RR2019
YoWorld Anniversary 2019 In Stores In Stores AV2019
Modern Farmhouse In Stores In Stores MF2019
Cyberpunk City In Stores In Stores CC2019
Summer of Love In Stores In Stores SL2019
Pool Party 2019 In Stores In Stores PP2019
Elven Kingdom In Stores In Stores EK2019
YoWorld Mall In Stores In Stores YM2019
Summer Cottage In Stores In Stores SC2019
Sunset Penthouse In Stores In Stores PH2019
YoWorld Protectors In Stores In Stores YP2019
Dirty Dancing® In Stores In Stores DD2019
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General Theme Statistics

Year Regular Holiday Special Seasonal Mini Total In Store
2008 21(*) 4 0 2 0 27 16
2009 14(*) 8 1 1 0 24 12
2010 11 12 7 3 0 33 6
2011 15 16 4 0 3 38 5
2012 13 12 4 0 8 37 4
2013 9 9 2 0 10 30 9
2014 2 9 3 1 5 20 9
2015 9 16 14 4 1 44 12
2016 10 22 15 2 4 53 16
2017 10 18 8 4 1 41 34
2018 8 3 2 0 0 13 11
Total 122 129 60 17 32 360 134
(= 37.2%)
Zynga 83 62 18 6 22 191 54
BVG 39 67 42 11 10 169 80

(*): Most regular themes in 2008 and 2009 would now be considered mini themes.

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