The Car Store is a store where players can purchase rideables for their characters to drive in. The non-player character employed at this store is named Ed.

There is no exterior for The Car Store and the player ends up directly in the store. Using the exit doors leads to the exterior of the Sky Nightclub.

The car store is currently the only public location in-game that uses black spacing.

Fancy a life in the fast lane? Pick up some wheels at the Car Store.

–Game description of The Car Store

Original Plan

Originally The Car Store was supposed to come in the form of an outdoor car lot. This was later changed to become the enclosed building as it is today. Below you can see an image of the original plan.

This original plan can still be traced back in the game files due to the fact the location file is named 'Carlot'.


Below are all the rideables available in The Car Store, sorted alphabetically by category. There are 192 rideables in The Car Store.


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