Teleport doors are doors that will teleport a person to a settled place, they cost 2,500 YoCoins. They can only be bought if you go to the YoDepot to purchase them, they will not show up in stores when you attempt to purchase them while decorating. They are one of the best ways of connecting homes, but some decorators refrain from using them due to the fact that they can really clash with the theme or colors of the room.


The basic function of teleport doors is to teleport a player from one place to another, essentially connecting two places that would not normally be connected to one another or two places that weren't originally designed to connect to one another. Upon clicking on the jump arrow of a teleport door, the door will open, and as the player walked into the door, the main animation will commence and the door will shut, with the YoWorlder within the device. The door will begin to flash and produce a science fictional teleportation sound.

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