The Sweets Factory was the replacement for the Widget Factory (now YoWorld Factory).

At this location players could bake goods to earn YoPoints and YoCoins. Ingredients had to be bought first before baking. The baking took time from 4 hours to 3 days. Once the baking was finished, the player collected the coins of the sold goods.

The Sweets Factory opened on September 2, 2009 and was replaced with the Widget Factory on January 8, 2010.

Sweets Factory Recipes

The following items could be made at the Sweets Factory:

Item Cost Earnings Time
Angel Food Cake YoCoin Symbol 33 YoCoin Symbol 58 12 hours
Apple Pie YoCoin Symbol 18 YoCoin Symbol 63 2 days
Chocolate Chip Cookies YoCoin Symbol 7 YoCoin Symbol 24 4 hours
Cinnamon Rolls YoCoin Symbol 22 YoCoin Symbol 43 8 hours
Coffee Cake YoCoin Symbol 15 YoCoin Symbol 37 6 hours
Vanilla Cupcakes YoCoin Symbol 11 YoCoin Symbol 45 1 day
Yellow Cake YoCoin Symbol 26 YoCoin Symbol 83 3 days


When the Sweets Factory was first announced on September 2, 2009, many players were critical of it and the developers received negative feedback. After this feedback on Septebmer 17, 2009, a game developer of Zynga named Kyle made a blogpost about it, explaining the reasons behind the change.[1] Later that day Pink Ninja gave more information regarding the Sweets Factory and did a math breakdown on the costs versus earnings.[2]


One of the protests against the Sweets Factory (2009)

Despite this all, the players' dislike towards the Sweets Factory continued for months.

Some players even took to the streets outside the Sweets Factory to protest. Most protesting players wore Barrel Costumes, a free gift, to represent not earning any money and showing their dislike for the factory.


On January 8, 2010, it was officially announced by Pink Ninja that the Widget Factory was back in the game. She posted that "The results were very clear, with the majority of YoVillians in favor of bringing the Widget Factory back to YoVille", referring to a recent survey Zynga put out asking if players wanted the Sweets Factory or the Widget Factory.



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