St. Patrick's Day 2018 is a theme released on March 11, 2018. This theme celebrated Saint Patrick's Day within the game.

The theme consisted of clothing, furniture, hairs, 1 player action, 2 pets, and 2 houses. On some of the items, there was a discount during the first 24 hours of their release.

This theme is still available in stores.

Player Actions


The entrance released within this theme is called 'Ahoy Anchor Entrance SP2018' and cost 30 YoCash.


The 2 pet released within this theme are the following:

  • Murphy the Irish Setter Pet SP2018: YoCash Symbol 25
  • Galloway the Leprechaun Pet SP2018: was available through a YoCash deal


The 2 houses released within this theme are the following:

Both houses have the same thumbnail image. The YoCoin version of the house consisted of 3 rooms of the YoCash version.

Released Items


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