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Smart-Pets are pets specifically available at Pete's Pets, they were initially introduced in January 2009. They are interactive, mobile and somewhat autonomous NPCs that a player can purchase or adopt and place in their rooms. If trained enough, pets can learn new tricks, and even learn to follow the user to places outside their home.

Originally, most pets resembled regular household pets. As the years past and the feature expanded, various bizarre and creative pets were released. Today, pets can be anything from cats and dogs to dragons and humanoid creatures.


Some pets require biscuits in order to learn new tricks. Eventually, one can purchase a pet license.

  • Play (at 4 Biscuits)
  • Sit (at 8 Biscuits)
  • Speak (at 12 Biscuits)
  • Down (at 16 Biscuits)
  • Follow (at 20 Biscuits)

Each biscuit costs 1 YoCash. In total, one must spend 20 YoCash in order to fully train their pet. Some pets know how to speak in the English language.


Smart-Pets generally require no maintenance. In the earliest days of the feature, it was a requirement to feed pets in order to keep them from fainting or dying. Once a pet fainted, passed out, or died, it could only be revived with food. This is no longer the case and pets no longer need to be fed.

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