Sky Nightclub is a place in YoWorld where you can meet and chat with people. There is also the ability to purchase drinks that add a special effect to the avatar for 30 seconds.

Enjoy your evening at YoWorld's hottest club, the Sky Nightclub. Don't get caught by the papparazi!

–Game description of Sky Nightclub


Club inventory

Club Inventory Icon

Club inventory 2

Sky Nightclub Inventory

At the nightclub, players can purchase and consume drinks to add a special effect to their avatar. The drinks are referred to as 'Dizzy Drinks' and their effect lasts 30 seconds.

The bought drinks that aren't consumed end up in the 'Club Inventory' which can be found on the top right of the screen. The icon of the Club Inventory is a purple crate. The drinks can only be consumed in the Sky Nightclub.

Current Drinks

Drink Effect Price
Blue Lizzy Drunk Walk YoCoin Symbol 499
Blue Lizzy Pack x25 Drunk Walk YoCash Symbol 2
Bobs Bad Day Floaters YoCoin Symbol 299
Bob's Bad Day Pack x25 Floaters YoCoin Symbol 1,499
Cran Daddy Glow Away YoCoin Symbol 199
Cran Daddy Pack x20 Glow Away YoCoin Symbol 999
Flying Bull Get Wings YoCoin Symbol 499
Flying Bull Pack x25 Get Wings YoCash Symbol 2

Previous Drinks

Drink Effect Price
Beer 3% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 6
Tequilla 3% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 6
Red Wind 4% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 8
Mojito 4% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 8
Cosmo 5% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 10
Vodka Martini 5% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 10


In September 2009, the interior of Sky Nightclub was temporarily renovated in honour of the MTV theme being released.

In September 2011, the Nightclub was fully renovated and transformed. When it re-opened, it brought back the Dizzy Drinks feature, although the feature was altered from the original one.

Exclusive Concept Art

Below are three original artworks of the Sky Nightclub, back before the game's release. None of the designs resemble the final version. Based on the images provided, it seems that the club name wasn't decided yet. The images are courtesy of Big Viking Games and are dated January 20, 2008.



  • Vinny Sky used to work at the Sky Nightclub.
  • The view that can be seen through the window on the upper floor of the Sky Nightclub is an image of the view from the Peak Tramway of Hong Kong at Victoria Peak during the night.[1]


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