The Salon is a location where players can either rent or purchase hairstyles, skins and facial items using YoCoins or YoCash.

Change up your hairdo and get the latest cuts at the YoWorld Salon! You want blue hair? We got it!

–Game description of the Salon



The Salon opened on October 1, 2009 and replaced the Gym on the map. Players reacted positively towards the Salon and liked the idea of having more hair options. Below are two promotional images released with the initial announcement of the Salon's opening.

At the beginning, hairs could only be rented as permanent hairstyles didn't exist yet. The first rent-able hairs consisted of re-colored versions of already existing starter hairs, like green, purple and pink. All rent-able hairs cost YoCash to rent.

Themed Releases

As the idea of renting new hairstyles became more popular amongst players, developers started to design new hairstyles to match theme releases. The first theme that came with matching hairstyles was the 50s theme. These hairs could be rented like the other hairs. Some other themed hairs were released as well, like Valentine's 2010 hairs, St. Patrick's Day 2010 hairs and Whimsical hairs. All these hairs were only rent-able as well, though turned out to be popular among players.

Permanent Hairstyles

After these rent-able hairstyles, there was an increasing demand from players for lasting hairstyles. Eventually, Zynga gave in to the players and released permanent hairstyles on May 8, 2010 as part of the game's second anniversary during the Super Saturday theme. Most hairs released during that theme were permanent versions of some already existing rent-able hairstyles. At the time of their release, each permanent hairstyle cost 15 YoCash. Later that month, more permanent hairstyles were released for the Hollywood theme.

Salon Today

Since June 2010, permanent hairs started to get developed for themes consistently. Most hairs were typically priced at 18 YoCash each, with some at a higher price. These new hairstyles were received positively by players, though some players had been asking for hairs priced at YoCoins instead of YoCash. This didn't happen until 2014 when Big Viking Games bought back the game, which was welcomed by the players.

Along with the hairstyles, came also skins and facial features to allow the player to add more detail to their appearance. Most of these skins and facial features have been added to the Salon instead of the Clothing Store, though this hasn't happened consistently as some facial features and skins can be found in the Clothing Store as well.

Now hairs are a big part of a theme as almost every theme comes with hairstyles and since the introduction of YoWorld VIP, exclusive hairs have started to be designed for VIP subscribers only.


Below is a list of all themes still available in Salon, along with their category name in the Salon and amount of items. The items can be hairs, facial features or skins, and are sorted by release and year. You can sort the tables and click on the theme to learn more about it. Most Salon items before 2014 appear to have been discontinued.

Info Salon Category Items
Salon Opening + later additions
Rent-able hairstyles only
Hairstyles 115
Various Themes Permanent Hair 68
Various Themes Permanent Skins 65

Theme Salon Category Items
United Kingdom London Fashion 24

Theme Salon Category Items Code
Canada Day 2014 Canada Day 2014 2 Canada Day 2014
Fourth of July 2014 Fourth of July 2014 2 FoJ2014
Summer Fashion Summer Fashion 45 SF2014
Royal Throne Royal Throne 125 RT2014
Steampunk 2014 Steampunk 2014
Steampunk Halloween Hair
Funky Hairstyles Funky Hairstyles 8 FH2014
Previously Unreleased Previously Unreleased 8 -

Theme Salon Category Items Code
Tropical Getaway Tropical Getaway 11 TG2015
YoCake Bakery YoCake Bakery 18 CB2015
Spring 2015 Spring 2015 13 ST2015
Cabaret 2015 Cabaret 2015 25 CA2015
Farm Frenzy Farm Frenzy 41 FF2015
Professions 2015 Professions 2015 91 PS2015
Medieval Fantasy 2015 Medieval Fantasy 2015 51 MF2015
Steampunk 2015 Steampunk 2015 51 SK2015
Contemporary Summer Contemporary Summer 24 CS2015
Fairytales 2015 Fairytales 2015 45 FT2015
Dinosaur Park Dinosaur Park 12 DP2015

There were a total of fifty-three (53) themes released in 2016.

Theme Salon Category Items Code
Totally Eighties Totally 80s 35 TE2016
Continental Cruise Continental Cruise 41 CC2016
The Yoscars 2016 The Yoscars 2016 4 YO2016
Honey I Shrunk The Yo! Honey I Shrunk The Yo 2016 42 SY2016
Spring Fling 2016 Spring Fling 2016 20 ST2016
1920s Parisian Spring 1920s Parisian Spring 29 PS2016
Earth Day 2016 Earth Day 2016 3 ED2016
Japanese Getaway Japanese Getaway 20 JG2016
Undersea Adventure Undersea Adventure 12 UA2016
Father's Day 2016 Fathers Day 9 FD2016
Roadtrip 2016 Roadtrip 2016 57 RT2016
Fourth Of July 2016 Fourth of July 2016 2 FJ2016
UK Fashion 2016 UK Fashion 2016 8 UK2016
Amusement Park Amusement Park 2016 87 AP2016
YoUniversity YoUniversity 2016 71 YU2016
Starter Fashion (Untradable) Starter Fashion 10 NPB2016

Theme Salon Category Items Code
Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt 49 AE2017
Chinese New Year 2017 Chinese New Year 22 CNY2017
Valentine's 2017 Valentines 2017 45 XO2017
Mardi Gras 2017 Mardi Gras 77 MG2017
Secret Garden Secret Garden 2017 97 SG2017
St. Patrick's Day 2017 St Patricks Day 2017 48 SP2017
Spring Wedding Spring Wedding 35 SW2017
Easter 2017 Easter 2017 22 ER2017
Tuscan Winery Tuscan Winery 40 TW2017
Mexican Fiesta Mexican Fiesta 35 MF2017
YoWorld Anniversary 2017 YoWorld Anniversary 21 AV2017
Mother's Week Mothers Week 42 MW2017
Deep Space Dystopia Deep Space Dystopia 80 SD2017
Memorial Day 2017 Memorial Day 10 MD2017
Safari Expedition Safari Expedition 50 SE2017
Pirate Adventure Pirate Adventure 2017 65 PA2017
Canadian Camping Trip Canadian Camping Trip 60 CT2017
New York 1940s New York 1940 224 NF2017
Cape Cod Summer Escape Cape Cod Summer Escape 68 CC2017
Yostock 2017 YoStock 2017 25 YS2017
YoDale High YoDale High [1]
YoDale High [2]
Culinary Creations Culinary Creations 68 CU2017
Monster Reunion Monster Reunion 79 MR2017 HW2017
Possessed Park Possessed Park 88 PP2017 HW2017
Salem Sorcery Salem Sorcery 60 SS2017 HW2017
Halloween Design Contest 2017 Halloween Design Contest 27 DC2017 HW2017
Rustic Fall Rustic Fall 70 TF2017
Toy Tower Toy Tower 63 TT2017 XM2017
Holiday Train Holiday Train 74 XT2017 XM2017
Ice Village Ice Village 102 IV2017 XM2017
New Years 2017 New Years 51 NY2017
No Theme Hair Mystery Crates 8 MC2017

Theme Salon Category Items Code
Deep in the Jungle Deep in the Jungle 79 DJ2018
Big Food World Big Food World 66 FW2018
Hidden Treasures Hidden Treasures 51 HT2018
Springtime San Francisco Springtime San Francisco 50 SF2018
St. Patrick's Day 2018 St Patricks Day 22 SP2018
Quaint Countryside Quaint Countryside 59 ER2018
Arabian Nights Arabian Nights 65 AN2018
Boardwalk Casino Boardwalk Casino 53 BC2018
YoWorld 10th Anniversary YoWorld 10th Anniversary 39 AV2018
Mount YOlympus Mount YOlympus 46 MY2018
Provincial Town Provincial Town 12 PT2018



  • Within the Salon, the portrait art displayed on the upper left wall does not appear in its reflection on the floor beneath the hairdryer, instead, abstract art appears in its place in the reflective floors.
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