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Rideables were first introduced into YoWorld on August 26, 2010, with the addition of the Car Store. They were later expanded upon on the YoWorld Map on November 10, 2010 with the Yo Valley Ranch.

A rideable is any animal, object, or vehicle that a player can equip and use as a mode of transportation. They don't, however, do anything to amplify or improve the overall speed of the avatar's movement, and serve more a cosmetic purpose.

Currently, there are only two stores available on the YoWorld map that sell rideables. The Car Store specializes more in vehicles or special transportation arrangements. The Yo Valley Ranch specializes more in animal and creature-based transportation. Both places sell rideables for both YoCoins and YoCash.

Currently, Big Viking Games has not released any new rideables into the game since taking over the game from Zynga in 2014.

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