The Realtor Office, also known as YoWorld Real Estate Office, is a location where players can purchase houses or avenues, using YoCoins or YoCash.

Thinking of settling down in YoWorld? You'll need one of our fabulous houses, fresh from the Realtor.

–Game description of the Realtor Office


Once a house has been decorated enough where a certain amount of rooms has progressed to level 10, the player will receive a 10% discount on the next purchase at the Realtor Office. The amount of rooms varies from house to house. This discount is only valid for a few days.

Houses & Avenues

Below is a list of houses and avenues available at the Realtor Office, sorted alphabetically per year. Thumbnails showing 'FS' in the upper right corner are houses and avenues in full-screen mode.

You can click on the images or names to see the rooms and more info about the house or avenue.

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Show/Hide Discontinued Avenues List (12)

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YoCoin House Statistics

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YoCash House Statistics


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