Previously Unreleased was a large batch of items released by Big Viking Games. The first batch of items was released on June 20, 2014. Several other batches were released on dates following through the summer of 2014.


The theme consisted of clothing, furniture, hairs, permanent skins and various other items that were previously not released into the game by Zynga. Many of these items were never seen before, and others were known about due to the fact that some tech-savvy players were able to obtain them with third-party software, breaking the game's Terms of Service. Other players obtained these items by buying them from these tech-savvy people.

The reason these items were released was because many players had continuously been asking for this.[1]

The first release, that took place on June 20, 2014, consisted of over 50 pieces of clothing, as well as a few hairs, but no furniture. Some items were even priced as low as 10 YoCoins.

The second release took place on June 24, 2014. This release was considered pretty controversial by some players. For the first time in the history of the game, items such as the 'Menorah Hat' and 'WhiteGold Ninja Hair' were released into the game. This release also included previously unreleased furniture.

The other releases following were a mixture of several items, and one release contained unreleased permanent skins.


Several of these items were put on a timer and only temporarily available in store. This was mostly the case for clothing and hairs.

Most of the furniture is still available in Furniture Store in the section 'Previously Unreleased'. The unreleased wallpapers and flooring are also still available in YoDepot.


It seemed that many players were pleased by the release and excited to be able to finally obtain the once mythical items. There were even hairs released for YoCoins.[2]

Some other players were concerned and wondering if these releases would result into re-releases of previous older items. On July 26, 2014, Gary Stevenson released a statement stating that this would not be the case.[1]



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