The Pet Shelter, also known as Pete's Pets, is a store where players can purchase smart-pets using YoCoins or YoCash. The store opened on January 16, 2009, which was the same day YoCash was introduced into the game. The non player character employed at this store is named Pete.

On December 6, 2014, after the Pet Shelter was closed for a few months, Big Viking Games gave it a new look and reopened the store for the players.

If kittens and puppies are your game, look no further than Pete's Pets. We have a cute little furball for you!

–Game description of the Pet Shelter


Below are all the pets available in the Pet Shelter, sorted alphabetically by category.



  • Inside the Pet Shelter, there are bags of pet food that say Iams, which is a brand name for dog food and cat food.
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