The Music feature was introduced in July 2009 when the Music Store was put on the map. It allows players to buy Music Players and tracks and play music in their homes or apartments. There are several genres of music to choose from, depending on your music tastes. All music tracks and music players currently cost YoCash.

All music tracks were made especially for YoWorld. No more have been released since 2009, although some players have asked for more over the years.


In order for the feature to work, users need to have a music player in whatever room they wish to play music in. They also have to own the track they want to play. They can share one track amongst multiple music players. Music will only play in the room where the music track is available.


  • Most music tracks are currently only instrumentals. A very small few contain some lyrics.
  • A record label in YoWorld, Yo! Records, appears to be responsible for most tracks in stores, given that their logo is seen on many of the cover art for each track.
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