Lock Codes

Lock Codes is an optional security feature released in the game on August 21, 2015. The feature allows players to add an extra layer of security to their accounts. With the feature, players can pick a special image, and can create a security phrase and 4-digit lock code, or pin.

The feature locks any other feature that has anything to do with the transferring of in-game currency or items (Such as, but not limited to, the Auction House, Trading, or Gifting) from the account that has it installed. This is so that if someone's account information was stolen, items or money from the player's account cannot transfer if the player has the feature in use.

Once the feature is in use, the player has to enter their password, along with the photo they chose, in order for them unlock the features such as the Auction House, Trading, or Gifting, on their account. The frequency the player is asked to do this depends on the frequency they set.

The feature can disable the feature if they wish, and change their lock codes as well.

Security Levels

When the lock code is first enabled by the player, the default security level will be Medium Security, but the player can change this level if they do so please, a list of each security level along with an explanation of each can be found below.

  • Low Security: When this level is in use, you will only be asked to enter your Lock Code once per week. You will also have to enter it if you clear your cache or browser data, or if you change browsers or the device you play on.
  • Medium Security: On this level, you will have to enter your Lock Code once per session. That means that you will have to only enter it once per log-in to unlock the features that enable you to transfer items, and these features will be unlocked for the rest of the session. If you refresh the game, then you will have to enter it again.
  • High Security: With this level of security in order, you would have to enter your Lock Code every single time you wish to use any of the features that it locks.
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