Party Entertainer is one of the many job categories available to a YoWorlder. Players are sent to a house filled with partying NPCs, and like any other job, one has to click on each NPC to get rewarded and collect mission items.


  • Eric's Penthouse (300-700 coins)
  • Kellkell's Club (500-1000 coins)
  • Maxinne's Pool Party (600-1100 coins)
  • Vio's Vip Room (700-1200 coins)
  • B's Music Factory (900-1500 coins)
  • Isabel on Madison (1000-1600 coins)
  • Dolce in Las Vegas (1100-1800 coins)
  • King's Ice Escape (1300-2200 coins)
  • Bird's-eye View (1600-2600 coins)
  • Michael A's Castle (1800-2800 coins)

There is a chance to get a rare item. In Party Entertainer there are 5 rare items

Rare Items:

  • DJ Booth
  • Karaoke Machine
  • DJ Turntable
  • Disco Ball
  • Marble Fireplace