Animal Rescue is a category of jobs available to YoWorlders. In each lob listed, layers have the chance to save animals who are in need of help. Like all other jobs, a player has to click on each NPC in order to claim rewards and collect items needed to complete the job.


  • Stray Puppies (Payout 300-600)
  • Lost Bats (Payout 500-1100)
  • Alley Cat Rescue (Payout 600-1100)
  • Raccoons Awry (Payout 1000-1600)
  • Scared Spiders (Payout 1300-2200)

There is a chance to get a rare item. In Animal Rescue jobs there are 6 rare items

Rare Items:

  • Cat Scrathing Post
  • Cat Litter Box
  • Dog Bed
  • Dog Statue
  • Raccoon Toy
  • Cat Painting