Jobs was a feature released in June 2010. It allows the players to earn money through ways other than the Factory. There are four different categories of jobs, the Party Entertainer jobs, the Animal Rescue jobs, the Crime Buster jobs, and the Ghost Hunter jobs. Each job category has a selection of different jobs, which range depending on the size of the job, and therefore how much energy it will take to complete.

Each job is completed by having to click on objects to find certain items required to finish the mission. Each object you click on, whether it be an animal, criminal, ghost or dancer, will give you a few coins and also some XP. Sometimes you will find an energy enhancer, like coffee and energy drinks. These items go in your backpack and you can use them to give yourself more energy and complete more of the job. At times, free items can also be found on these jobs. 


If you do not collect the coins on the job, a briefcase icon with an exclamation mark will appear in your home. Click this icon to collect any leftover coins from the job.


  • There have only been four job categories since they came out in June 2010. No more have been added and the Coming Soon signs still remain although no plans to make new jobs have been announced by Big Viking Games.
  • The houses chosen as the settings for the jobs were decorated by players.
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