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The HamXa Institute of Research and Development (Formerly HamXa Corporation) is a company operating in YoWorld. The founder and owner is Hamza Wan, who has been running the organization from the beginning. HamXa Institute (THI) was initially founded in 2010 for entertainment purposes but in 2015, HamXa Institute fully entered YoWorld as HamXa Corporation offering all its services for YoWorld Coins. The company achieved a lot of attention and popularity in its early years with HBank, HLogo - its flagship logo making service, and its subsidiary at the time, Name Inc, which later turned into a separate company.

Since 2017, THI has been quietly exiting the YoWorld scene, first by changing its direction from business to research and then closing down entirely. The website is no longer running and the page hasn't been updated in a long time.

The last plan of the organization was to give away it's frameworks and ideas for its products but it has so far not been achieved.


HamXa Institute provided many products under the brand of HamXa Corporation. Some of the many were HBank (Banking service), HLogo (logo-making service), HBuilder (website-making service), and CAFE (virtual cafe). Since late 2017, THI has been slowly deprecating its products.


HamXa Corporation had a few subsidiaries till 2016. Due to the restructuring in 2017, many subsidiaries were absorbed into the parent body. As of now, HamXa Institute has only two subsidiaries;

  • Youlevard (Inactive)
  • Vitale Organization (Inactive)


HamXa Corporation maintains partnerships with different organizations for trades and future ventures. Many partners are undisclosed however some partnerships are announced publicly.

  • YoWorld Mafia Awards
  • Name Incorporated

Hostile Relationships

HamXa Institute, over the years, has prevented hostile relationships with other families. It maintains a diplomatic relationship with other families and companies. Due to false claims of Corleone Mafia Family about the ownership of Name Incorporated, HamXa Institute perceives the Corleone leadership as a neutral threat, however, all members of Corleone are served without injustice.


HamXa Institute has made very few acquisitions since its start. The acquisitions made are below:

  • Le Cafe: Acquired by HamXa Corporation from Vecetti Enterprise in September 2015.
  • Vecetti Enterprise: Bought by HamXa Corporation in November 2015 and all its products and families including Vecetti Mafia Family and Vitale Organization.
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