Giovanni DiMeo is the son of Vittorio DiMeo & Stacey Monroe. Giovanni is the current Head & Boss of the DiMeo Famiglia since 2020.


Giovanni was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 21, 1990.


The New Don

"Today, I will settle the family business."

―Don Giovanni DiMeo.

While in Miami, he learns that his uncle was murdered and returns to Brooklyn. There, he reluctantly becomes involved in his family's criminal enterprises, taking over for his deceased uncle as the boss of the family. Before his uncle died he try to persuades his father that it is time to remove the family from the Mafia Community. He promises to make the DiMeo Famiglia legitimate within a year. 

after Giovanni's return to Brooklyn. Soon after taking over day-to-day control of the family, Giovanni tries to buy out casino owner Thomas PeLucci, the Cocksucker of Castellano stake in his YoWorld casino, The Castellano Casino (was renamed DiMeo Casino), intending to move his family to Nevada. James angrily refuses Giovanni's offer.

Giovanni officially becomes Don. Shortly before his uncle departure, John and his father, Vito warned Giovanni that before he was gone, the other families would make an attempt on his life under the pretense of organizing a meeting to make peace between the whole Families of YoWorld, 

Giovanni also orders the murder of James “Jimmy” DeCarlo, his brother-in-law, who beat his sister Elena up. Jimmy was led to believe that he would be Giovanni's second-in-command when they moved to Nevada. However, this was merely a ploy to make Jimmy vulnerable, per Vito’s advice to "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." At Giovanni's New house, Giovanni confronts his brother-in-law, telling him that he knew about his betrayal in tried setting up Giovanni for his assassination. Giovanni asks Jimmy who he conspired with; James tells him it was Castellano & Galante Famiglia, Giovanni tells Jimmy that he's out of the family and that he'll be taken to Spain. When Jimmy gets into the car, he's garroted to death by a hitman as they drive away. Later of that day Thomas PeLucci & His goons were killed by professional hitmen under Giovanni's orders. 

Ezio DiMeo, The former boss of the Soprano Famiglia also his uncle greets him as "Don DiMeo" and kisses Giovanni hand. while the whole Family is watching this meeting, and named him the most powerful Don, even more ruthless than his uncle, John.

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