Gifting Again

Gifting first made its way into YoWorld as a feature in February 2009. It enables users to send other players assets like clothing and furniture items. Unlike the trading feature, players can send other players gifts without requiring consent, and they don't have to be present in the room with the other player. Most items within YoWorld can be gifted. Currently, it's impossible to gift currency such as YoCoins and YoCash to other users.



Sending a pair of Blue Skier Pants to a friend.

The very first iteration of the feature was released in February 2009. In this version of gifting, players were allowed to send only one gift at a time. One could select one out of three gift-wrap options, and attach a note to their gift. Players accept gifts via the second tab under their guestbook. Initially, players could send an unlimited amount of gifts to any given player every day.

In the months of April and May 2012, an exploit outbreak began plaguing the game, prompting the developers to set the limit at one gift per day. This meant that players were still able to send gifts to an unlimited number of users, but each recipient was limited to one gift per day from any other user. This meant that players would have to wait twenty-four hours before sending the same user another gift. The limit was subsequently changed to a limit of four gifts per day due to player feedback.

On May 10, 2015, BVG released a new update, which they called Gifting 2.0. This new version of the feature lifted the previous gift-per-day limit, allowing users to send an unlimited amount of gifts to any given person on any day. The new feature also offered more gift-wrap options, but maintained the same features as the original version. Another improvement the update brought to the feature is that it allows users to send more than one gift at a time.


  • This was the first blog post on the blog. It was announced by Community Manager, Pink Ninja. She kept subtly begging for gifts as a joke.
  • Like in every other part of the game, our inventories are searchable to save time, including the gifting pop-up.
  • There are three different gift wraps you can send your gift with, as well as sending a message with it.
  • If you have your sound on, a small sound will play whenever you gift somebody.
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