Picture showing many of the 2008 collectibles.

Furniture Collectibles were introduced in August 2008. The first ever collectible, the Water Balloon Machine, was released to celebrate the birthday of Pink Ninja (Community Manager). Since then, more and more collectibles were released.

Back in 2008 and most of 2009, collectibles weren't attached to themes. They were items of their own right, such as the Koi Pond and Bouncy Castle. But when themes because much more prominent in August 2009 with the Mafia Vs. Police Theme, collectibles started to be made to fit with the current theme, such as the Mafia Henchman being based around the current theme.

In 2010, a clear release pattern for collectibles was formed. There would be two or three sets of collectibles released for each theme, with two collectibles being released in a set, one YoCash and one YoCoin collectible, with the cash one usually being the better item.

In 2012, it became evident that collectibles were starting to die out. They currently are being released with only around 2 or 3 collectibles each theme, and irregular release days, although usually a Saturday.

The future of furniture collectibles is unknown. They are still being created in a lesser amount.

This information is not to be confused with Clothing Collectibles.

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