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Events are a feature that, like a few others, have been around since the very beginning of the game. It allows players to create 20-minute events other players can join in their homes, for a fee of 100 YoCoins. VIP events cost 1 YoCash to create and last an hour. Players can only host one event at a time but are not limited to hosting as many events as they desire back-to-back.

The type of events players can host varies greatly. They may include but aren't limited to parties, meet-ups, sales, and live auctions. After being updated and fixed on December 5, 2014, after being broken and unusable for nearly a year. After then, the feature has received many new tools and updates to help keep the experience safe and enjoyable for the community.

It is possible to see how many people are in each event, and who the owner is before having to visit the location. Each event has its own description written by the owner at the very start of the event. Different events are meant to be hosted under specific categories. Events that may be breaking the rules can also be reported by other players.


The events list is the list from which events can be seen and traveled to from. Once you make an event it will appear on the events list and people will be able to click on it to visit you. New events are always shown at the top, with older events falling to the bottom of the list. Hovering over an event name will give you the description, the name of the owner, and how long is left before the event expires (as long as it doesn't 'fall' off the list beforehand). Events will last up to 20 minutes before having to be reposted.

Event Categories (Now)

After a few updated developers created new categories that satisfied more the needs of the player base for more organization. 

Event Category Description
All Ages Events All events currently being held within the game.
Trading and Auction Trading, sales, auctions, all happen here.
Parties and Discussion Commonly used to host parties.
Room Showcase Players can host house tours here.
Making Friends Events can be made here to meet up with players.
Theatre and Roleplay Intended to be used for the purpose of theatrical spectacle and by roleplayers.
Dating - 18+ Events recommended only for mature users. May contain adult material.
Games Created with the purpose of pageants and games to be hosted.

Event Categories (Before)

Event Category
Debates and Discussion
Grand Opening


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