Cran Dandy Pack 20

Dizzy Drinks is a feature that is currently only available for use at the Sky Nightclub. It's a feature that allows users to acquire temporary traits and abilities through the consumption of presumably alcoholic drinks.

Players are allowed to buy one drink at a time or buy them in bulk. Drinks can are stored in a special nightclub inventory box for later use. The feature returned to the Sky Nightclub on October 28, 2011, after the previous version was removed about a year prior for reasons unknown.

Current Nightclub Bar

Dizzy Drinks 2.0

These are the drinks the nightclub currently sells. Unlike the previous version of this feature, these drinks give users the ability to do things like float, grow wings, and glow. All effects eventually wear off.

Drink Effect Price
Blue Lizzy Drunk Walk YoCoin Symbol 499
Blue Lizzy Pack x25 Drunk Walk YoCash Symbol 2
Bobs Bad Day Floaters YoCoin Symbol 299
Bob's Bad Day Pack x25 Floaters YoCoin Symbol 1,499
Cran Daddy Glow Away YoCoin Symbol 199
Cran Daddy Pack x20 Glow Away YoCoin Symbol 999
Flying Bull Get Wings YoCoin Symbol 499
Flying Bull Pack x25 Get Wings YoCash Symbol 2

Previous Nightclub Bar

Sky Lounge Menu
Dizzy drinks

These are the drinks the nightclub no longer sells. Unlike the current version of this feature, all these drinks made the consumer's screen turn blurry, and caused their avatar to waver, preventing them from walking in a straight line. All effects eventually wore off.

Drink Effect Price
Beer 3% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 6
Tequilla 3% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 6
Red Wind 4% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 8
Mojito 4% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 8
Cosmo 5% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 10
Vodka Martini 5% Dizzy YoCoin Symbol 10
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