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Decorate Room is a feature that has been available in YoWorld from the very beginning. According to some of the original developers of YoWorld, decorating was originally supposed to be the main focus of the game. With this game feature, players can edit the appearance of their own rooms. The magnitude of editing a room can vary and can range from moving around or swapping certain furniture items to creating and modifying entire structural foundations of a room.

With this feature, players are able to edit what other players see and experience in their rooms. One can change the wall and flooring of the basic room. Players can also purchase and add Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) to rooms, as well as wall panels and floor tiles to alter the foundations of the home. Players also have the option to purchase new furniture for their room by spending either YoCoins or YoCash at the Furniture Store or YoDepot.


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Upon opening the feature, players will be able to edit whatever room they are currently in. The palette where all items in your inventory can be found will be located at the bottom of the play-screen right under the image of the room you are editing. From this palette, items can be purchased from various stores as well while the player is decorating the room, as opposed to physically visiting the actual location in-game. The items the player owns are separated from the stores by two unique tabs.

The stores from which players can make purchases from while in edit mode are currently the Furniture Store, the YoDepot, the Gifts & Flowers shop, the Pet Store, and the Rideables Store.

Extra Features

  • Players can toggle whether or not the Black Space feature is turned on in any specific room.
  • It is possible to change the name of specific rooms. This will allows each room within a home to have a name of its own. This name would also appear on the Jump Arrow before entering the room.
  • It is possible to select any room within a home as the entrance, so that way, whenever players travel to that specific home, that would be the first room they land in.