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The Decor Challenge Event was a month-long event released on March 28, 2018. Unlike previous events, this one challenged players to decorate a room for ratings in order to win prizes, while also granting a free prize every day.

Players were granted a free room of their choosing to decorate upon entering the contest. One notable feature of these rooms, however, is that they weren't avenues or homes, they were simply single rooms without jump arrows.


This new challenge event introduced tokens players needed to collect in order to unlock new prize levels.

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Free Default Rooms Gallery

Players were each given a free room, to pick out of five, for each contest to decorate. Each undecorated room is organized in this gallery. There were four contests total, each one lasting a week.


A trailer was released for this event, which can be viewed below.


Decor Challenge Event


  • The image used for the second week challenge was an image of the Taj Mahal.
    Dec w2 tjmhl.png
  • The image used for the third week challenge was an image of the inner court yard of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
    Dec w3 szmos.png
  • The image used for the fourth week challenge was a photo taken by William P. Gottlieb in New York City, 1948, showing 52nd Street, between 5th & 6th Avenues, while looking east from 6th Avenue. Back then, 52nd Street was known as Swing Street and was a hot spot for Jazz Clubs.[1]
    Dec w4 nyc.png