The Coffee Shop is one of the meeting areas on the map for players of YoWorld. The non player character employed at this store is named Bunny.

Some people say money makes the world go round, but those people have never heard of coffee. Grab a cup at the Coffee Shop!

–Game description of the Coffee Shop

Old Function

The Coffee Shop used to be a store where players could purchase coffee for their character with YoCoins or YoCash. The bought coffee gave the character more energy which was required to perform actions. In January 2010, this feature was ended and energy is no longer required to do actions.

Exclusive Concept Art

Below are three original artworks of the Coffee Shop, back before the game's release. The first image bears the closest resemblance to the final design. The images are courtesy of Big Viking Games and are dated January 20, 2008.

The Coffee Shop was originally going to be called "Coffee and Book Store", hinting towards a bigger focus on books, although this was dropped before the game's release and was just called "Coffee Shop". This does, however, explain the large bookcase inside, and the book symbol on the exterior. Below you can find the concept artwork of the interior.



  • The old non player character employed at the Coffee Shop resembled the appearance of the non player character Vinny Sky.
  • Bunny says several puns related to coffee when clicking on her.
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