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WIP stands for Work in Progress. Any page in the WIP category means that it is currently in the process of a large edit, and will be finished in due time.

Also, if an editor on the wiki sees that a page is under the WIP category, they should leave the page to be edited by the user who put it down. This is the idea of the WIP list. If an editor wants to make a large edit to a page, they should be able to undisturbed.

A page should only be put on the WIP list by an admin. If a user puts a page on the WIP list, it may be removed. 

If you want to add a page to the WIP list, please message an admin a link to the page, and a reason why it should be placed there (what do you plan to do with the page, how long will it take etc). 


  • This must be a large edit. This could typically take longer than a day to complete. Anything that you could do in one day does not require being listed to the WIP list. THIS DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING THAT TAKES LESS THAN A DAY. For example you could have an edit planned out, but don't have the time to do it that same day. 
  • The planned edit must be useful and constructive to the wiki. Anything that is useful to the page alone should not be on the WIP list. Anything that benefits the wiki as a whole should be approved.
  • Please say whether the large edit will be done in chunks, or all at a time. Some pages may be completely converted, and this may be done in one or two edits, but other pages may be edited in chunks until the finished edit is completed.
  • It is up to the admin's discretion whether or not a page is added to the WIP list. The admin will review the request and will reply to you ASAP. If the request is successful, which it mostly will be, then the admin will add it to the WIP list and state the username of the person editing it.

YOU MUST TELL AN ADMIN WHEN THE EDIT IS COMPLETED! Failure to do this means the admin won't know if the large edit is finished or not. Please kindly message the admin to tell them you have finished, and the page will be removed from the WIP list.

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