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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 1 August 2018

Coming soon to YoWorld - Atlantic Voyage!

YoFans, all aboard!

An Atlantic Voyage is en-route to YoWorld and is to dock very soon! Pack your bags and get ready to set sail as you travel the high seas on the journey of a lifetime!

In celebration of the upcoming theme, enjoy this sneak preview of some of the amazing items you can expect to see in-game very soon:

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, are you looking forward to this upcoming theme?

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Amaranth Amaranth 7 December 2013

Announcement: Technical Update! (12/8/13)

Hello, YoWikkians.

Our forums are currently in maintenance mode as we're experiencing compatibility issues with the mobile version and we're also testing a few new features to improve security. We would also like to announce that a global wikia layout has been released for all wiki's and we're aware of the major technical issues it has caused to this wiki, we are trying our best to correct the damage so please be patient and when there's an update available we will announce it as soon as possible.

Amaranth, YoVille Wiki Forums Community Analyst


The forums are back up!

Hugh G. Reaction, YoVille Wiki Community Analyst

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Amaranth Amaranth 27 November 2013

Welcome aboard, Wingman1!

Hello, YoWikkians!

I would like to officially welcome Wingman1 to the YoVille Wiki Staff team!

~YoVille Wiki

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Amaranth Amaranth 20 November 2013

YoVille Wiki Update! (20/11/2013)

Hello, YoWikkians!

We haven't given you any proper updates in a while so we decided to give you a much more detailed report. As you may have noticed there is some big updates that have recently hit YoVille Wiki, we have a new 'Brown' Layout to match the upcoming seasonal event, Thanksgiving. We're also running some unique administration test which may cause issues on certain pages such as the Easter Bunny page, these errors won't be permanent will be fixed A.S.A.P! If you're not aware yet then let us update you on some YoVille Wiki news... Jack YCO has left his post as 'Administrator' and Omniscientwolf has also left his post as 'Forum Developer' and was replaced with an alternative test account named Amaranth. Wingman1 has joined the staff as '…

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Eleanor Rosita Bordeaux Eleanor Rosita Bordeaux 1 January 2018

The Future of the Blog

Hi, all! My name is Eleanor Rosita Bordeaux (ERB) but most people just call me Eleanor, El, or Ele!

I've been on the Wiki for a while now, just not on this account. Previously I was Rachel Pierce and Lauren YoWorld, but I don't use either one now because I stupidly changed the names and cant change them again.

Anywho, that's not the reason I'm here today! I come with good news, fret not. With the approval of Anthony, we have decided to revitalize the blog and make it available for use once more. This plan will be laid out in a few parts.

I. Cleaning - First the blog will be cleaned out, prepped for use once more.

II. Open for Posting - Anyone can post again once more, as long as its relevant for YoWorld use! Irrelevant posts will be deleted.


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Jack YCO Jack YCO 12 April 2013

Become a VIP User!

Woo hoo! Hey guys, a great feature introduction for you today! You can now become a VIP user on the wiki just by following some simple steps! 

  1. Join the YoVille Wiki forum group! http://forums.yoville.com/group.php?groupid=682
  2. Have an account on the wiki.
  3. Make at least 5 edits on the wiki.
  4. Message me regarding the VIP status!

This feature is to encourage people to support the wiki, and its also a thank you to those who do. Being a VIP will give you a lovely name tag, and also we are working on giving VIPs exclusive benefits! The best part is, its so easy to become a VIP! 

If you already meet the requirements, send me a message to say so! I will need your wiki name and your forum name, and from there I will reward you with VIP!

I hope you enjoy thi…

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OMG ITS ME55 OMG ITS ME55 11 January 2014

Hope Is Back

I hope everybody heard the good news today !!!!!! and this good news may keep yoville :)  there is a page named  Big Viking Games and this page says it may buy yoville and keep it . this what they said.

Thanks alot Big Viking Games  i hope this comes true.!!! i hope everybody will  be happy and yoville will come back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG ITS ME55 OMG ITS ME55 10 January 2014

Last Days

====                       bye yoville :(

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 8 November 2013

Staff Accounts

Hi, everyone!

To avoid abuse I have made two accounts Omniscientwolf and Amaranth these accounts are not real people and were only made so people couldn't make an account saying that they're the forum staff.

- Hugh G. Reaction

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 24 October 2013

YoVille Wikia Update!

Hey, everyone.

There's been an update, check it out here.

HGR, YoVille Wiki Senior Administrator

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 23 October 2013

PLEASE READ: YoVille Wiki Rules

Hi, everyone.

I have noticed many users on here are getting confused by stuff that is happening and if it's breaking a rule, unfortunately because the administrators are always very busy we don't always give important updates but heres the rules that aren't listed.

1. Was your blog deleted?

A) No. Blogs are NEVER deleted unless they break a rule and if you feel it was removed by mistake please contact any staff but don't contact forum staff as they're rarely active. Please note that if your blog was moved it may appear as if it was deleted rest assured that it will appear as a whatever it was moved to in approximately an hour.

2. Abusive Staff?

A) All staff here is selected by the head administrators and we never fail to see the behavior of all use…
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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 2 October 2013

Farewell to omniscientwolf!

Hello, everyone.

As of today omniscientwolf will be leaving us as he has been replaced with the "test account", Amaranth. omniscientwolf was a forum developer who made a very few post but he was very helpful and tried his best.

His message will be posted here.

Farewell, omniscientwolf. We'll miss you!

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 7 September 2013

Forum is now active!

Hello YoWikians!

As of now the official forums are now open the Wiki forums are closed. To use this forum please just click on the 'Forum' at the top in the navigation and complete the sign up. Just so no one gets upset about this change please understand this was a user choice voted by users on this Wiki started on July 29th, 2013, I cannot hold up on this any longer and decisions are final. I'm sorry for the confusion and frustration.

Regards, HGR, YoVille Wiki Senior Administrator (talk) 02:31, September 7, 2013 (UTC)

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OMG ITS ME 299 OMG ITS ME 299 23 August 2013

what is the next theme???

hi guys iam new to Yoville Wiki and it is one amazing  website !!!

and i want to ask u guys what do u think about what happened to Yoville ??

what do u think that is the next theme :)    i hope it is something shocking like MTV theme and Vday theme

thats all for now and i hope yoville events come back :) :) :)

                                                              hope u like my blog!!!! 


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OMGITSME22 OMGITSME22 16 July 2013

More Freezing

Hello yovillians, everybody is having a freezing problem and getting bored from yoville . their is lots of people in an event that makes u freeze. and people are trieing to get money by doing events for them for 10k!!!!!!! like the one that i spotted today  in parties and music. i hope zynga admins solve the problem  fast so we can go back to yoville ,have fun, sell and buy stuff  from auc :) :) :)

                                                      Goodnight Everybody!!!!!!!

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OMGITSME22 OMGITSME22 16 July 2013

The New Theme

Hello guys, their is a new theme in yoville!!! get ready and buy furniture. 

it is Kentucky Race theme :) :) :) .....

and save up the money and wait for the cloth and hair  to come to stores

hope u like the cloth and furniture!!! and buy from them!!!

                                                              :) :) :)

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OMGITSME22 OMGITSME22 16 July 2013

Yoville Problem

hello for all who is reading this and play yoville

everybody is wondering why yoville event isnt working and it is freezing alot!! 

well is it the end of yoville? or is it just a glitch?what do u think? i have read most of the information  and what i got that yoville  is deacreasing the prices of the items and giving stuff for the starters . so try to sell ur cupieds and other stuff fast before they are worthless .  :) ............ 

      hope u read it :) if u have any question let me know

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 2 July 2013

Forum Development Assistant Still Needed

Hey guys,

I'm still looking for an assistant on my project so if you would like to apply then just fill out the form listed here and I will get right back to you.

(Update: You don't need Twitter you just need to comment in the comments of the thread.)

Update - 05/07/2013

  • As of now I have reduced the size of the boards so it's not as big. I'm still looking for an assistant remember you do get special perks on the Forum.

Regards, HGR, YoVille Wiki Senior Administrator (talk) 17:23, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 19 June 2013

YoVille Wiki Official Forums!

Hey guys!

I have special news for you all. Privately I have been creating our own official forum that will joinable soon (When Jack YCO says it's okay to unlock) but once the permission is allowed we will be removing the YoVille Wiki Forum and replacing it with our own please understand that when we do this all progress on the forums here will be erased.

Before release I would like to ask a few members on here if they would like to help me do a few test on there because I need to know what others see, I will message you on the Offical YoVille Forums created by Zynga.

*I'm sure you're wondering who cares whats the difference to the one we have now?

A) Well the difference is we can private message anyone (Not just administrators).

*Will we still …

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 2 June 2013

Changes Made to the Wiki - 1st June 2013

Hey guys, here's a little update about the wiki. A few things have changed today and this blog is just to highlight those changes so you know what has happened.

  • Pictures on the home page were updated to be suited to the new black background. There should no longer be any nasty white outlines.
  • The navigation bar has been updated! There have been a few glitches with the bar recently, but these have been resolved. I've also added in our growing category Fan created media.
  • Infoboxes have been changed to include the new coins and cash signs, instead of the old, pixelated ones. 

I am excited to tell you some more small but nice changes will be coming this way. Keep checking for more updates. Have a great day guys, and seeing as wiki activity is rea…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 29 May 2013

New Aesthetics!

Hey guys,

Following feedback from the aesthetics thread posted around a fortnight ago, I've created a new look for the wiki. It was a pretty unanimous decision to keep things the way they were with having a new background every theme, so I've dont that. Zynga have made it a bit harder by no longer giving us nice sneak peeks for costumes, which was what I used before, but now I just use NPCs, which are better designed anyway! However, you decided to give black a chance, and I've made that possible. Its very rough around the edges at the moment because surprisingly, simply changing a colour on here changes everything, so some pictures need redesigning to suit this, and other parts too like infoboxes need changing. 

With this new change, I need…

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Dylan111314 Dylan111314 21 May 2013

My Project on the Wiki!


I just wanted to update everyone on the project I've been working on here. I saw that the "Houses" category was really bare and needed a lot of work, so I took on that project. I went in and added pictures to the few houses that were already in the list, plus I took the time to add in every single house that wasn't in there. I believe there were about 30 houss in the category when I started (which I went in and added pictures to all of them). There are now all houses in yovilles existence in the category which is up to 183 houses! I have the main picture for each house in and I am currently working on adding floor plans for each/other pictures. So if you could try not to mess with them while I'm trying to work on that section I would re…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 12 May 2013

The Future of the YoVille Wiki

Dear all YoVille Wiki fans and editors,

I've been admin here for almost 4 months now. It has been a great four months for me and I have enjoyed working with a team as great as the one that is you guys. In the last few months, there have been big changes to the wiki. A lot has been created, edited and deleted/replaced. However, it could not be fairer to say that the job is only about 10% done. There is so much that still needs doing on here, and I plan to get that done. 

Over the past two week, wiki growth has been on my mind a lot. I've been trying to think of lots of ways to build up the wiki more and more. 

I will soon be proposing some big changes to the wiki, both visually and otherwise. I invite everyone on the wiki to join me in discuss…

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Anthony Hiram Anthony Hiram 23 April 2013

News! An Expansion to the Urban Legends!

Hello guys, as many of you might already know there is a section of the wiki called Yovilles Urban Legends! An i have  just received word from my buddy Jack that people are loving that section, and so i took another look at it and it turns out that the category does have great potential! So i have decided to hit the web and look for more legends to add to the category and expand it! I will also be using all of the information that i know! I have lots of knowledge on this topic and great stories, now i will be making them into pages!

I hop that you guys can take the time and currently take a look at the ones that are already there and give me feed-back and some suggestions on how to make the section better!

And wile you at it please make sure…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 22 April 2013

Exciting News Update - Official YoVille Artwork!

Hey guys! Here is an exciting update following the discovery of YoVille's original developers! I can now exclusively reveal to you, in a YoVille Wiki special, official artwork from before YoVille's release! This artwork comes from Big Viking Games, not Zynga. The pictures are artworks of places on the map before they were released. The pictures I have for you to see are:

  • Furniture Store
  • Clothing Store
  • The Bank
  • Sky Nightclub
  • Gym
  • Lucky Casino
  • Coffee Shop

I have more, which will be released in due time! But for now, enjoy this BETA map of YoVille!

I hope you enjoy this - you guys are the first to see these special pictures! I will post them on the official forums at a more suitable time (today is not a good day). But also... More exclusive updates to f…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 19 April 2013

Weekly Admin Update 04/19/13!

Hey guys! I have the latest exclusive weekly admin update for you today! 


  • Progress is being made on the account protection category! Anthony and I cannot wait to show you the finished result!!
  • Exclusive YoVille news! The creators of YoVille have finally be found!! Be sure to check out the page on Big Viking Games, now on the wiki!
  • Wingman1 has been starting out making pages on items! This is something that the wiki has never really focused on before now, but we are looking forward to seeing this expand further!


  • Not sure how urgent this news is, but I thought I should tell you that from now on, polls will last the full month. I've done this because I thought it would be better to give people more time to see each one, and now that we h…
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Jack YCO Jack YCO 18 April 2013

Some Exciting YoVille News - Original Developers Found!

Hey guys! I've got some news I really hope you'll be excited with! I know I am!

Basically, all of this happened as a complete fluke! I was searching Google Images for a picture for the wiki, when suddenly I found a picture of costume designs by one of the original designers. Long story short, I found the games company that made YoVille and released it back in May 2008! They are called Big Viking Games, and make lots of other Facebook and mobile games. I spoke to one of the company's co-founders, who was a very nice man who allowed me to make a page on them. He was quite taken aback by the age of YoVille, as I'm sure you all must be too  - after all, we're almost 5!

Big Viking Games are known for many other games, but I respect them most for …

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 12 April 2013

Weekly Admin Update 04/12/13!

Hey guys, hope you are all well. Here is the latest Weekly Admin Update. Its been another very quiet week on the wiki, but that is all set to change!


  • Anthony Hiram and I have been making progress on the new account protection!


We are now introducing a VIP feature to the wiki! This will be a monthly subscription of $17.99. All you have to do is like our forum group and follow the simple, easy instructions from there! The idea of this feature is to encourage people to support the wiki and its a thank you to them! 

Plans for the Week Ahead

  • For the next week I will be focusing my attention on working with Anthony on building the account protection pages, and won't have much time to work on other pages. But I will, as always, be here many t…
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Jack YCO Jack YCO 7 April 2013

Introducing the "Account Protection" Section on the Wiki!

Hey guys,

Big update for you all. I am pleased to announce that Anthony Hiram and I have begun work on a new area on the wiki dedicated to helping you protect your account from scammers and hackers. These pages will teach you about several hacks so you can become aware of what goes on in the game, and also give you some tips about how to protect yourself, and what to do if you are hacked and/or scammed. This project will take a while and please don't expect any pages to arrive in the next few hours or anything. These pages require a lot of work to make sure they have everything you need to know, but nothing that can cause conflict!

These pages will be protected, this means that they cannot be edited by anybody who isn't an admin. I know this…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 6 April 2013

Weekly Admin Update 04/06/13!

Hey guys, sorry its a day late but here is your latest scoop on all the goings-on in the wiki! The one word to describe this week is... eh... quiet! I think the Lets Count as High as Possible! thread has seen more action than the rest of the wiki combined! ;)


  • A new background was introduced, because of the new Ancient Rome theme.  Please give feedback on this!!
  • The go-ahead was given for a new page to be added, dedicated to helping people protect their accounts from hackers. 

I wish there was more to put here!!

Latest News

  • Check out the latest polls on the home page, and also suggest the next polls on the forums!
  • I want to see your rooms! As an avid decorator (when the funds allow), I love to see other people's rooms!! Check out this thread…
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Jack YCO Jack YCO 2 April 2013

Improvements to the Slider!

Hey guys,

Just in case you haven't noticed I thought I should point out the recent improvements to the Slider Gallery on the home page!

All the pictures were changed to fit the gallery area. That removes all those awful black spaces and white areas, making it look a lot tidier. As well as this, the "Fashion Contest" section has been replaced with "Features" to make better use of the space.

I hope you enjoy these small changes! Thanks!

~Jack YCO, Wiki Admin (Talk!)~ 10:57, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 1 April 2013

Three New Polls!

Hey guys! Since its the start of April, time for a change of polls once again! This time I'm really pleased to tell you that there are 3 polls you can vote in! Please do check them out, because I love to see what everybody thinks about certain issues in the game!

If you need a bit of a reminder how to use the Multiple Polls feature, you can find the easy tutorial HERE!

The poll subjects are as follows:

  • Close-outs
  • Easter
  • Theme Ideas

Also, I want to tell you that from now on, YOU decide the next polls we have. These will be on the 15th April, but the same drill will happen every month and half-month. There will be a forum thread asking for polls you want to see. Why? Its simple, polls are meant to be fun, so we might as well make it something you…

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 30 March 2013

Important Notice 03/30/13!

Hey guys!

Just so nobody get's upset about the disabling of past administrator's account's I have put my reason's for these actions below, feel free to comment your thought's!

  • To prevent hacking of past administrator accounts they will be disabled so no actions can be done to other members of the community as well as the wiki.

  • To get unbanned just email an admin to sort out the issue. Please don't get upset if the admin you've emailed rejects your request.

  • All past admin/founder rights will not be removed although the banning of the account will remove your ability to use the admin feature's and basic features, making a new account is against forum rules and if discovered that your abusing multiple accounts you will be banned so please just ema…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 29 March 2013

Weekly Admin Update 03/29/13!

Hey guys! A rather large weekly admin update for you this week! Wow what a busy week its been!


  • The Wiki now has its very first logo! 
  • We have several new members, who are already helping to build the wiki!
  • Wiki Projects were introduced!


As you may have already seen, our admin Hugh G. Reaction has had to leave with immediate effect due to real life commitments. We wish him the best of luck! But with this departure, we have a new addition to the Wiki family! I want you to all give a huge welcome to Miss Electric Blue, a new admin here on the wiki! She has taken Hugh's place and I hope you will all take the time to get to know her by visiting and posting on her thread in the Off Topic forum.

Plans for the Week Ahead

I plan to continue ad…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 26 March 2013

READ ME - YoVille Wiki Projects!

Hey everyone! Important message for you so please make sure to read through it all! 

The development and growth of the wiki is always high on my agenda. Every day I try and think of new ideas of helping the wiki grow and constantly finding areas to improve on.

Over the past few days we've picked up some new editors, which is great! I am now proud to call us a small team! But as a team we need to work together to help build this place up. After all, there's no denying that this wiki is lacking in content. There is a lot more work to be done. 

My latest idea (could be a crazy one), is to have something called Editor Projects. This is where each editor chooses a subject to work on and they focus their wiki attention on that. For example I may ch…

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Hugh G. Reaction Hugh G. Reaction 24 March 2013


It is very important you read these rules! If you break them we may have no choice but to ban you from certain parts of the wiki!

  • Treat others with courtesy and respect while on the wiki.
  • No vandalism. The first time you vandalize a page you will receive a warning. The second time will be a 24 hour ban and the third time your IP will be banned permanently from editing the wiki.
  • Chat is monitored closely. Any harassment, abuse or bad language will result in being banned from chat.
  • No adult material on the wiki. This includes but is not limited to adult language, sexual material, discussion of crimes and adult jokes.
  • No advertising on the wiki!
  • The YoVille wiki is an independent site to inform YoVille players. Do not post content relating to other…
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Jack YCO Jack YCO 23 March 2013

The New Logo - Stay or Go?

Hey guys! An important question for you, do you like the new logo? I need really honest feedback, because your feedback is going to help shape the future of this wiki!

Let me explain the logo. It's written in YoVille font (Minya Nouvelle) and its meant to have the messy look similar to the YoVille logo. The capital "Y" does appear in YoVille, although did you know that for the logo they use an enlarged version of the lower-case "y"? Interesting fact for you! ;)

So yes, please please please comment below if you like the logo or not! I won't be offended if you don't like it! Feedback is really important!

Thank you!

Jack YCO 00:39, March 23, 2013 (UTC) 

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 22 March 2013

Weekly Admin Update 03/22/13!

Hey guys! Hope you are all well! Here is the latest weekly admin update for you!


Its been a very busy week on the wiki this week, with lots of changes. I guess it should be renamed as "Features Week" haha!

  • The countdown feature won the special poll, and can be seen on the homepage!
  • Did you knows were added to the wiki, letting you see facts you hopefully didn't know before!
  • Multiple polls were introduced, letting you express more than one opinion at the same time!
  • The elite contributor feature was announced, allowing any editor to become one if they work for it!

Important News!

Feedback needed on the background and colour scheme! What works and doesn't work for you! It is vitally important to get your feedback on this so I know how I can imp…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 21 March 2013

Did you know, that the Wiki now has a Did You Know?

Ok I promise this is the last new feature I bring in! I've spoilt you guys rotten with shiny new features! ;)

Say hello to the Did You Know section, part of the wiki that can really teach you something new in a sentence! The did you knows are random, rarely-known facts that you might have never heard about before! Sounds exciting, huh?

Well here's the best bit, you guys get to suggest the next ones! The current did you knows will stay there for the rest of March and April, but we need to decide on three new did you knows for May!  Put forward your YoVille facts On the forums!

Enjoy the did you know feature and I hope you do learn something nice from it!

Jack YCO 00:37, March 21, 2013 (UTC)

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 20 March 2013

Enjoy the new Multiple Polls feature!

Hey guys, got a treat for you today! Let me introduce you to Multiple Polls!

This great new feature simply means we can have more than one poll going on at the same time! Switching between polls is easy! Just click the name tab at the top of the poll area to change polls.

I hope that you take part in both polls! You might as well, it only takes a few clicks!

Unfortunately, due to space issues, we cannot have more than two polls at a time, but in the future when we have polls with smaller titles we can fit three in! It all depends on the poll!

Please be aware that polls will still refresh on the 1st and 15th of every month! 

Thanks guys and enjoy this small little addition to the Wiki!

Jack YCO (talk) 21:31, March 20, 2013 (UTC)

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 20 March 2013

Your New Feature has Arrived - Welcome the Countdown Feature!

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for voting in our poll to vote for a new feature! I'm glad to announce that it was a unanimous vote for the countdown feature!

So, here you go! The countdown feature is now installed on the wiki and a countdown can be created whenever needed! Right now we haven't got a real need for a countdown, but we will in the future! Meanwhile I'll put a countdown to Easter on the homepage just as a starter for the feature! ;)

Thanks again for voting and please leave comments below about how you think we could best use the countdown feature, or any improvements you can think of for it!

Please be aware that the feature is still new and is likely to be changed aesthetically!

Have a great day!

Jack YCO (talk) 19:50, March 20, 2013 (…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 18 March 2013

Change of Background

Hey guys! 

Just wanted to explain why I've gone back to the default background, in case any of you were wondering! Basically it didn't feel right still having the St. Patrick's Day background so I've taken it down and put this old one back up! But don't worry as soon as we have new costumes released it will be updated to the new theme! (How will Zynga tell us if the forums are broken though?) :/

Any ways just to let you know! Have a good day!

Jack YCO (talk) 20:55, March 18, 2013 (UTC)

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 16 March 2013

Recent Updates to the Home Page!

Hi guys! I just wanted to give a quick summary of the edits on the home page today!

  • A news & announcements section was added, so I can inform you of important things on the wiki. A clock was also put there with the date and time.
  • Icons were added to all headings to add decoration to the page.
  • The characters in the welcome section have changed! Actually, they may keep changing! You see, they will randomly change between a choice of three males and three females! For the males we have "Paper Boy", "Raffle Boy" and "Happy Man", and for the females we have "Present Chick", "Hat Girl" and "Emma"! Maybe we can name the ones without names! ;)
  • A special poll was added to get your feeback on a new feature for the wiki.

As of now, that's it. I want to s…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 16 March 2013

VOTE for a New Feature!

Hey guys, got a real treat for you today! I'm going to be adding a new feature to the wiki, but that feature is entirely chosen by you!

We have a choice of three. These are three features that I feel could help the wiki and make it slightly easier to use. Don't worry about how the coding works, thats my worry! Just check out the summaries of the three choices below and then go to the home page to vote on the special poll! 


I don't know about you, but I sometimes forget to sign my posts when I'm talking to people. With SignatureCheck, you'll be alerted if you have forgotten to sign, so its not too late. 

Read more about SignatureCheck HERE.

This is an e…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 25 February 2013

What do you want to see on the YoVille Wiki?

Hey guys!

Is there something you want to see on the wiki? Are there some pages that you're looking for that don't exist yet? This is your chance to put your ideas forward! We have a small team of dedicated editors working really hard on this wiki, and there is lots of work still to be done, but we want your suggestions! What would you like to see done?

Please comment in the box! No suggestion will be ignored!

Thank you!


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Anthony Hiram Anthony Hiram 20 February 2013

Types of Yoville Players Blog

Hello guys i am Anthony Hiram, just call me Anthony Hiram! I am the founder and editor for all of the types of yoville players pages (Jack made the official Category page), i will be updating these pages all of the time, please take time to read them and add photos if you like, edits are always welcome as long as they are appropriate, and correct. 

Simple, these pages are made so that you know what kind of people to expect as you play Yoville. They can help you identify them and learn how to avoid trouble makers, they can also help you learn how to make new friends in the world of Yoville!

I am a very open minded person so feel free to contact me via message if you think that there is a type of yoville player that i missed. Any suggestions o…

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Jack YCO Jack YCO 23 January 2013

Request for Adoption

Hey guys!

I have put in a request for "adoption" for this wiki. This means I have asked the creators of this site if I can have administrator status. If they approve my request, I will become an admin for this Wiki. I read all the requirements for the adoption process and I meet all of them so fingers crossed it will be successful!

I asked for admin powers because our current admin MissPlat has not been on since November. Although she does work really hard and I am really impressed with what she has done for this wiki, it needs an admin that will be consistantly active, and that's where I come in. I am passionate about this wiki, contributing for it long before I actually created an account. My first major contribution was the creation of th…

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