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Big Viking Games is an independent mobile and social game development company located in Ontario, Canada.[1]

It was founded in 2011 by Albert Lai and Greg Thomson and has since then grown from four to more than one hundred employees in a few years.[2][3]

YoVille/YoWorld history

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Tall Tree Games logo, who developed YoVille

Before Big Viking Games was founded, the company was named "Tall Tree Games". Under that name they created a game called YoVille in 2008. Shortly after the launch in May 2008, they sold the game to Zynga in July of that year.[4][5] This makes Big Viking Games technically the creators of the game.

On January 10, 2014 Zynga announced the closure of the game YoVille on March 31, 2014.[6] Big Viking Games showed interest in buying back the game to redevelop it[7], which was a move very popular with the players. YoVillians showed their support in any way possible including hundreds of people wearing viking hats in the game.[8]

Later in February 2014 it was revealed that talks were underway between Zynga and Big Viking Games for the possibility to reach a deal that would involve the latter to reacquire the game.[9]

On April 24, 2014, Big Viking Games announced on social media that they had reacquired YoVille.[10] However, due to copyright claims, "YoVille" was renamed as "YoWorld" in May, 2014.[11] The transition of the game began on May 12, from YoVille to YoWorld. On May 13, the game was officially re-launched as YoWorld.

In October, 2014, the old trading feature was renewed and allowed players to chat in the trade box and to trace YoCash. About 2 months later, the Events were brought back and updated with more information.

In 2016 the V.I.P. feature was re-launched with 2 monthly subscription plans. Once was priced at $5 per month, and the other at $17.99 per month. The levels were also extended that year from 200 to 500, and in September a birthday feature was added to the game.

YoWorld has continued to thrive since the re-launch. Early 2013, the daily users fell to approximately 40,000 and since the purchase of YoWorld, the player base has expanded to roughly 100,000 daily players.

Other Games

Below is a list, in alphabetical order, of other games created or owned by Big Viking Games.

  • Dark Heroes
  • Fish World
  • GalatronVS
  • Gallop Labs
  • Monsters & Dungeons
  • SuperSpin Slots
  • Tiny Kingdoms
  • Tiny Tappers


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